What do you know about Caustic soda liquid and flake?

What do you know about Caustic soda liquid and flake?


Caustic soda liquid and flake

Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide is known as an inorganic compound whose chemical formula is NaOH. You can take advantage of Caustic soda liquid and flake and use it for various purposes. This substance is an ionic compound whose solid type is white. This compound is ionic and consists of sodium cation and hydroxide anion. In the rest of this article, we intend to talk to you more fully about what caustic soda is and what its characteristics are.

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Chemical features of caustic soda

Caustic soda liquid and flake have unique characteristics. This product is found in matte white color, which is completely soluble in water as well as different types of alcohol. This material has high moisture absorption properties. For this reason, it should be placed in suitable packages. This product is included in the category of corrosive chemicals, and for this reason, it should be marketed with special packaging. Usually, this product is used in various fields. It can be said that liquid caustic soda is known as one of the most widely used chemicals.


How to buy caustic soda?

You can buy and use Caustic soda liquid and flake in different ways. Currently, many sellers are trying to deliver different types of these products to customers. The only thing you have to do is to go to an expert service provider and a reliable manufacturer so that we can prepare the highest quality and best different view of these products and take advantage of it. Different types of this product are marketed at different prices. As a rule, the more the manufacturer in question has raised the quality of its products, the more you will have to pay for the purchase.

 Caustic soda liquid and flake

 Safety tips regarding caustic soda

Caustic soda liquid and flake is indeed a practical and high-quality product, but this product is a dangerous chemical. This substance has no smell, but due to its alkalinity, if it comes into contact with the skin of your eyes, it will cause a lot of damage to you. In addition to this, inhalation of caustic soda vapors can also cause many problems. For this reason, it is better to use high-quality clothes, masks, and gloves when working with this product so that there are no problems for people who work with this product. In addition, this product is a moisture absorber, and for this reason, it should be marketed in appropriate categories. Fortunately, liquid caustic soda does not have the risk of explosion.

 Caustic soda properties

Caustic soda liquid and flake are very useful products in industries. Due to its strong alkaline properties, this product can be used for pH regulation, paper production, oil and gas industries, etc. Currently, alkaline is a chemical substance that needs to be used in various fields. It is precisely for this reason that liquid caustic soda is such a widely used product.

 Caustic soda use

Earlier, we talked a little about the fields of using Caustic soda liquid and flake. But let me give you more detailed information about these things. This product is used in the following industries.

  • Paper making
  • Artificial silk production
  • Production of paints and chemical industries
  • Dairy industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Soft drink industries
  • Production of fat removers
  • Water and sewage industries
  • Cotton industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • ..


Caustic Soda Liquid 
Caustic Soda Liquid

Caustic Soda Liquid


What are caustic soda flakes used for?

Caustic soda flakes are not particularly different from caustic soda liquids. But due to easier handling, in some cases, instead of using the liquid type of this product, its solid types are used. In almost all areas where liquid caustic soda can be used, flake caustic soda is also useful.

 Caustic soda flakes

Caustic soda flakes are produced almost 95% of the time by the process of hydrolysis of salt water. Three methods are used for producing this kind of caustic soda: Membrane cell, diaphragm cell, and mercury cell.

 Caustic soda liquid

Caustic soda liquid is also produced by salt water electrolysis. In this method, first, the salt is completely dissolved in the dissolution tank, and then the obtained solution is converted into liquid caustic soda by purification and various other measures.

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