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Caustic Soda



Caustic Soda


Sodium hydroxide  is also called Caustic Soda, it is widely used as a drain and sink unblocker, just like  sulfuric acid 96%  .
Caustic Soda are white pearls that are easily soluble in water. Caustic Soda is widely used in various cleaning techniques in industry, such as cleaning pipes, bottles, barrels and installations in, for example, hobby breweries. Why smear wood with stripper and scrape it off if you can also lye. It’s a pretty easy process.
You can make a bath with the caustic soda in which you dip your wood and let it leach for a while, about 2 hours.
Make sure that you remove metal parts beforehand or rinse them well after the treatment because the lye is very corrosive. After leaching you should rinse the wood with  vinegar  so that the lye is neutralized. You should maintain approximately 100 grams per liter of warm water. Be careful not to have hot water.We supply caustic soda in various packaging: 1kg bucket, 7.5kg bucket and a 25kg bag.


EAN code 8717755919243
Product number


  • CAS-No. 1310-73-2
  • 99% pure
  • white pearls


  • drain unblocker
  • sink unblocker
  • Saponification of fats
  • Increase PH
  • Making traditional hard soap
  • degrease
  • Wood (furniture) Lye
  • Cleaning various machine parts
  • Disinfecting and cleaning beehives


Unclog drain / sink
Sprinkle approximately 125gr of caustic soda into the clogged drain. Then carefully rinse with a large amount of warm water.
Repeat if necessary. Making soap yourself
Making soap is a fun activity with an even nicer result. We can make hard soap from caustic soda and potassium hydroxide  liquid soap
from its congener  . Many soap makers often use olive oil because this is the cheapest useful oil, in addition, the palm oil and the castor oil can be used, but these are the more luxurious and more expensive types of oil. An essential oil can of course also be added for a wonderful scent.This oil can also be made yourself by extracting, for example, lavender with  isopropanol .


It is not wise to use a lye based sink unblocker and a  sulfuric acid based sink unblocker  together.
Not only do the substances neutralize each other’s effect, but  acids  and bases react very violently with each other, whereby boiling and corrosive liquid can splash out of the drain. Caustic soda is a corrosive agent, so please always wear chemical  gloves  and possibly  safety glasses .


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