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General information about methanol

Methanol or in other words methyl alcohol is a chemical substance that is the simplest type of alcohol. It is a colorless and odorless chemical compound that is very volatile and turns into vapor as quickly as possible when exposed to open air. This liquid composition is very light and highly flammable. This chemical is known as a polar solvent that is used in various fields. Currently, various methods are used to produce this type of alcohol. Due to the unique characteristics of methanol, which is also called wood alcohol, this product is used in various industries.


Usage of methanol

The uses of methanol are very wide and diverse. In the chemical industry, this type of alcohol can be used to make antifreeze or as a chemical solvent. Methyl alcohol has a low freezing point and mixing it with water can greatly prevent it from freezing in cars. In addition to this, due to this property, this product is also used in natural gas pipelines to prevent water from freezing. Methanol is also used as a chemical solvent in various industries.

This solvent has wide applications for preparing ink, resin, glue, and paint. Methyl alcohol is also widely used in fuel production industries. Due to its amazing properties, this alcohol can be used as fuel in city vehicles or even boats. Also, this alcohol is mixed in gasoline to reduce the emission of chemical pollutants to a great extent. We may not directly benefit from methyl alcohol for our body’s health, but this alcohol is a type of alcohol in the human digestive system that can help food metabolism to a great extent and make the digestion process easier for us.


chemical industry used to make antifreeze or as a chemical solvent
various industries preparing ink, resin, glue, and paint
fuel industries city vehicles or even boats
body’s health can help food metabolism to a great extent



Usage of methanol


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

Methyl alcohol or methanol is produced through various methods and its chemical formula is CH3OH. Two popular methods for producing this functional alcohol include the use of synthetic gasses and the use of biosynthesis. In both of these methods, methanol is usually produced using several chemical reaction chains, and they are used in various fields. This product is known as a dangerous poison. For this reason, it is better to pay attention to the safety factors while working with it so that you can enjoy the amazing features of this product without any problems. This alcohol was first prepared in 1913 by combining carbon monoxide and iron catalyst and was used in a more complete form about 10 years later.


Chemical formula CH3OH
Molar mass 32.04 g/mol
Boiling point 64.7 °C
Density 792 kg/m³
Vapor pressure 13.02 kPa
Melting point -97.6 °C
Classification Alcohol



How is packing of methanol?

Due to the special characteristics of methanol, this product usually enters the market in various packages. In high volume, you can buy this alcohol in 220-liter barrels and use them. In addition, if you want to use this product in bulk, you can use large metal tankers with the volume you want. Because methyl alcohol is a highly flammable and explosive chemical, you must pay attention to various factors when transferring and buying.


How is packing of methanol?


Safety & warning & transportation

Barrels and containers in which methanol is stored should never be kept near a flame, heat source, or ignition source. For the storage of these products, you must choose a safe and well-ventilated place so that you can use the amazing features of this product without any problems. All people who deal directly or indirectly with methyl alcohol should use protective equipment to prevent contact with this type of alcohol on the skin and eyes. The vapors of this substance can be toxic and breathing them may cause many problems. The storage temperature of methyl alcohol should be relatively low and this environment should be dry and free from any moisture. To transfer this product, you must pay attention to the safety factors and not transfer these products during the hot hours of the day when the air temperature is high.


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