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industrial Vaseline



General information about industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum)

Industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum) is a semi-solid and semi-transparent hydrocarbon product that is usually produced in a yellowish-white color. This product, just like Vaseline sanitary grade, is produced from petroleum products and has many uses in various industries. In general, Vaseline is an industrial product that has not undergone purification processes for health and cosmetic purposes, and for this reason, it is not a suitable option for these purposes. For this reason, you should never use industrial Vaseline instead of sanitary Vaseline, because this chemical substance can be harmful to human health. The industrial type of this product is made of petroleum oil, which has great benefits for various industries and is used in various fields.


Usage of industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum)

As its name suggests, industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum)is used in various industries. This product is usually used as a lubricant or coating to improve the performance of various machines, but the fields of use of this product are not limited to these. Industrial Vaseline can cause lubrication and increase the working process of the machine to a great extent. Using Vaseline can greatly reduce the depreciation process of industrial devices. Besides, Vaseline is used in the manufacture of metal tools to prevent these products from rusting, so that the quality of the produced product will generally increase. Vaseline is used in the leather industry to improve the quality of leather. In addition, Vaseline is also used to make different types of plastics, leather, and wooden items. As its name suggests, industrial Vaseline has wide uses in various industries.


Industrial machines cause lubrication and increase the working process of the machine
manufacture of metal tools prevent these products from rusting
leather industry improve the quality of leather




Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum) is C15H15N.  Due to its oily, solid form, as well as easy use, industrial Vaseline is used in various fields. In addition, this product has a relatively affordable price and you can use industrial Vaseline in various fields at very low costs compared to other lubricants. You can take advantage of the amazing features of this product when you go for the best and highest quality type of industrial Vaseline. It is only in this situation that you can take advantage of the amazing features of this product. The higher the quality of the produced product, the more suitable the outcome will be.


chemical formula C15H15N
Color white
Appearance like grease
Specific Gravity, 20°C 0,82 g/cm³
Odor typical



How is packing of industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum)?

Industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum), as its name suggests, is packed in 175 kg barrels and delivered to customers. It is good to know that each 20-foot container can carry about 110 barrels of Vaseline weighing 175 kg and deliver it to your desired destination. Since this product is not a corrosive, toxic, or dangerous substance, there are usually no restrictions on its packaging and sale. But usually, to prevent impurities from entering the packaging of this product, 175 kg barrels are completely sealed so that you can use pure and high-quality Vaseline without any problems.


How is packing of industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum)?

Safety & warning & transportation

The two industrial and sanitary grades of Vaseline cannot be used interchangeably. Due to the unique characteristics of industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum), it is better to use various gloves and masks when working with this product. Because over time, the smell of this product can irritate the respiratory system, and its contact with the skin can also cause problems. So, for industrial use of this product, it is better to pay attention to various safety factors. Industrial Vaseline is not such a dangerous and toxic product, so you don’t need to pay attention to various security points for storing or moving it. It is better to choose a clean and pollution-free environment to store this product. Because of its viscosity, industrial Vaseline (175 kg drum) can easily absorb dirt and dust, and this can greatly affect the purity of this product.


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