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HCI – hydrochloric acid



General information about HCI

Hydrochloric acid or HCI is a clear and colorless solution that has a very pungent smell. Many people acknowledge that this acid is the acid that is responsible for digesting food in our stomach. This acidic material is a very powerful solution that is used as a basic material in various industries. This solution is a combination of hydrogen chloride, water, and other types of chemicals including hydronium and chloride ions. Hydrochloric acid is known as strong acid and therefore has a relatively high corrosiveness. This acid was first discovered in the 16th century, and since then its fields of use have become much wider. HCI is known as one of six strong mineral acids in chemistry and is quite famous for that reason. Usually, this solution is produced with a concentration of 38%. This means, 38% of the produced product is hydrochloric acid, and 62% is water.


Usage of HCI

HCI is used in various industries. In descaling, this acid can be widely used to remove sediments. In addition, this product is widely used for cleaning the house and washing the bathroom and toilet. In the textile industry, this acid can be used to whiten clothes or yarn. Hydrochloric acid is also widely used to remove stains or rust. Various medicines are produced in the food and pharmaceutical industries using hydrochloric acid. These drugs are usually produced based on this acid and have their uses. Hydrochloric acid is also used in the field of salt purification and acidification of large oil wells. Of course, the use of this product is not limited to what we have mentioned. This solution is a very widely used solution that can be used in any field.


remove sediments, cleaning the house and washing the bathroom and toilet descaling
whiten clothes or yarn textile industry
drugs based on this acid pharmaceutical industries


Usage of HCI

Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of hydrochloric acid is HCI. The physical properties of this product, such as boiling point, melting point, acidity or alkalinity, etc., depending on the concentration of this solution. We told you earlier that this substance is usually produced with a concentration of 38% and enters the market as a solution in water. If the concentration of this hydrochloric acid in water changes, the physical properties of this product will also change. This solution is relatively stable and does not change over time. Increasing the concentration of this product is relatively difficult and expensive.


HCI chemical formula
36.458 g/mol Molar mass
Mineral acid Classification
Concentration-dependent – see table Boiling point
Pungent characteristic Odor
Colorless, transparent liquid, fumes in air if concentrated Appearance



How is packing of HCI?

HCI is one of those products that react with metals, that’s why PVC containers are used to store and pack this acid. Do not use metal tools and containers even when working with this product, because, in addition to the destruction of the tool, the purity of this solution will also change.  Close the packaging of this product completely after each use.  Hydrochloric acid is usually delivered to customers in plastic containers and barrels of different volumes.


How is packing of HCI?


Safety & warning & transportation

HCI is known as a relatively strong acid, that’s why various safety factors should be taken into account when working with it. The steam from this acid can be a bit toxic, and for this reason, a workplace with this type of acid must have proper ventilation. Also, this type of acid should never come into contact with the skin of the body, hands, or face. In general, hydrochloric acid is not a flammable substance, but it is better to keep this product in a place where there is no possibility of fire. Do not leave the lid of this product open after use because it may lose its properties. Also, pay attention to safety factors when transporting.



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