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General information about TPU

TPU is a thermoplastic elastomer that has very good flexibility. This material can be used in various industries all over the world due to its good durability. The different parts of thermoplastic polyurethane include hard and soft parts that are chained together. This product was discovered for the first time in 1937 and since then it is known as an important raw material in various industries. This product can have wide applications in construction, road construction, water and sewage, and even medical industries. In the continuation of this content, we have complete and comprehensive information for you regarding thermoplastic polyurethane. Read this article till the end to know more about this amazing product.

 Usage of TPU

We told you earlier that TPU is used in various fields as a unique raw material. Let’s talk more about the uses of this amazing product. In medical fields, this product is used to produce different types of bandages. In production industries, thermoplastic polyurethane can be used to produce shoe soles, soccer balls, amusement park trains, bowling balls, etc. In the construction industry, TPU is widely used for the production of thermal insulation. This product can also be used for the production of linen fabrics in the textile industry. Thermoplastic polyurethane has wide fields of use just like polyurethane.


medical fields used to produce different types of bandages
production industries used to produce shoe soles, soccer balls, amusement park trains, bowling balls, etc.
construction industry used for the production of thermal insulation
textile industry used for the production of linen fabrics

Usage of TPU

 Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of TPU is C3H8N2O. This product has unique chemical and physical properties, and these properties have made thermoplastic polyurethane widely used. This chemical has excellent adhesive properties and therefore has wide uses in the field of insulation. In addition to these, reparability and high resistance are two of the factors that have made this product widely used. Thermoplastic polyurethane has an affordable price and you can get this product with the lowest budget and use it. In addition to all these things, this chemical is not toxic and does not harm human health. TPU shows good resistance against corrosive agents and some chemical factors and can maintain its unique characteristics for a long time.

Chemical formula C3H8N2O
Physical state solid
Odor None
Solubility in Water Solubility in Water

How is packing of TPU?

TPU is available to customers in different grades. Each of the different grades of this product has its unique features and is used in a specific field.  This product, just like other polyethylene, is usually produced in granular form. The production of this product in granular form makes the process of packaging and using thermoplastic polyurethane very easy. You can get this product in 25 kg packages and use it in your desired field. Usually, to avoid the impact of environmental factors, this product is marketed in plastic and paper packaging.

How is packing of TPU?

How is packing of TPU?

 Safety & warning & transportation

All polymers, including TPU, are burned by the heat and lose their chemical properties. This issue has made it necessary to create special conditions to maintain the physical and chemical properties of this product. If you want to buy thermoplastic polyurethane without any change in its physical and chemical characteristics, you must choose a place for storing that is far from environmental pollution and fire-causing factors.  Fire can make this product useless and affect its physical and chemical properties. In addition, exposing this product to some environmental factors such as light and some chemicals can change the color of this product.  However, to prevent any specific changes, it is better that you store this product in a safe warehouse away from any environmental and chemical factors. For the transfer of this product, paying attention to the mentioned items is enough.


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