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IPP Film



General information about IPP Film

Inflated Polypropylene Film or IPP Film is a product that is produced in the form of nylon with very high transparency and excellent resistance. This product is the unprocessed state of different grades of polypropylene, which is usually used for packaging clothes, bread, food products, clothing, etc. due to its unique features. In general, Polypropylene Film may be marketed in granular or nylon form. But Inflated Polypropylene Film is one of those products that are sold in nylon form. 90% of the fields of use of this product are in the packaging industry. But in some cases, it is possible to use IPP Film in agricultural industries. In the following, we intend to fully talk to you about the unique features of this product.  If you intend to buy this type of polypropylene and want to expand your information about it, stay with us.


Usage of IPP Film

IPP Film is among those products that are usually used for packaging. We told you earlier that this product will enter the market in nylon form. According to the appearance of this product, its fields of use are relatively limited. Inflated Polypropylene Film is widely used for packaging various types of edible and non-edible products. This material shows great resistance to chemical and environmental factors. This issue has made this product a great and practical option for packaging. In agricultural industries, Inflated polypropylene Film can also be used to cover greenhouses.


Packaging industries According to the appearance of this product, its fields of use are relatively limited. Inflated Polypropylene Film is widely used for packaging various types of edible and non-edible products
agricultural industries used to cover greenhouses

Usage of IPP Film


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

IPP Film has different physical and chemical properties. Each of these features has somehow made the uses of this product wider. This polypropylene grade has very high tensile strength and transparency. High transparency makes this product the best option for packaging different products. The high tensile strength of the Inflated Polypropylene Film also prevents the packaging from tearing or being damaged. This product is a colorless and odorless product, and very affordable costs are required for its production. The chemical formula of polypropylene film is –CH2-CH(CH3)n. This product is known as a moisture, pollution, and dust insulator and is completely non-toxic. Due to the proper molding properties, this product can be easily made into any shape.


Chemical formula –CH2-CH(CH3)n
Density 0.903 g/cm³
Appearance Films, rolls
Physical State Solid
Melting point > 200 °F (93 °C)
Autoignition temperature > 575 °F (301 °C)
Solubility in water Insoluble
Viscosity N/A



How is packing of IPP Film?

IPP Film is a very useful product in various industries. Unlike other polypropylene grades, Inflated Polypropylene Film is usually produced in the form of thin nylon sheets. You can get this product in cylindrical packages in different meter sizes and use them in the field you need.

How is packing of IPP Film?

How is packing of IPP Film?



Safety & warning & transportation


IPP Film is one of those products that has no color or smell and is not a toxic substance. This issue has made the process of using and storing this product very simple. You can store this product in a pollution-free, cool, well-ventilated environment to prevent any future problems. It is better to pay attention to safety factors for moving this product because if there is a tear in the packaging of this product, Inflated Polypropylene Film will be completely useless. To avoid wasting money, consider safety factors for transportation. It is better to use suitable masks and covers for workers while working with this product.


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