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paraffin wax solid


General information about paraffin wax solid

Paraffin wax solid is a solid, white, and opaque substance that is known as one of the petroleum products. This product is a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons and is also known as petroleum-based wax. This compound does not dissolve in water at all, but it is insoluble in organic compounds such as benzene, ether, etc. Currently, solid paraffin is used in various fields, but the most common use of this product is to make different types of candles. In addition to oil, this product can also be extracted from coal. However, due to the wide use and amazing features of this product, many manufacturers are currently operating in this field of paraffin production.


Usage of paraffin wax solid

As we told you before, paraffin wax solid is used in various fields. Let’s examine the use of this product in medical fields, in the production of cosmetics, and also in leather making. In the medical industry, paraffin wax is used as one of the heat treatment methods. By using paraffin wax, heat can be transferred to the deeper layers of the skin and muscles. In medical fields, paraffin can be suitable for pain relief, varicose veins, muscle stiffness, and arthritis pain and treat patients in these fields.


For the production of cosmetics, paraffin wax solid can be used to repair and increase the strength of skin cells. This product can clean the skin of impurities and also make the skin breathe better. For this reason, this product is usually used in many cosmetics. In the candle-making industry, paraffin wax is used as one of the best and most economical products. Due to its low melting point and ease of use, this product is used to make different types of candles. In addition, the ability to combine paraffin with other industrial colors has also widened the use of this product.


paraffin can be suitable for pain relief, varicose veins, muscle stiffness, and arthritis pain medical industry
paraffin cleans the skin of impurities and also make the skin breathe better cosmetics
used to make different types of candles candle-making




Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of paraffin wax solid is known as CnH2n+2. Due to its unique features, this product can be used as an industrial solvent and a lubricant. In addition, paraffin protects metals from corrosion and prevents the passage of moisture. In general, the smallest paraffin wax solid molecules are in the form of gas at room temperature, then they turn into a liquid with the growth of the carbon chain, and finally, when the number of carbons reaches 20, it is used in solid or semi-solid form.


chemical formula CnH2n+2
Boiling point 370 °C (698 °F)
Flash point 200–240 °C (392–464 °F; 473–513 K)
Appearance White solid
Odor Odorless



How is packing of paraffin wax solid?

Paraffin wax solid is usually delivered to customers in cartons or plastic packages. Due to its solidity, solid paraffin is cut into rectangular or square molds and after packaging, it is delivered to customers. In general, this product is a relatively resistant material and as long as it is not affected by extreme heat or intense sunlight, it will maintain its solid state. However, when transporting and storing this product, check the environmental factors, especially the temperature. Rising temperatures can cause these products to melt and make it a little difficult to use them. In addition, melting even a small amount of these products can cause a waste of money and also affect their purity.

How is packing of paraffin wax solid?


Safety & warning & transportation

In general, paraffin wax solid is not a harmful substance for health, but this product contains toxins that long-term exposure to these toxins may cause many diseases. For this reason, it is usually necessary to use various gloves, clothes, and masks to work with it. To transport and store this product, you should consider a clean environment away from pollution so that you can use the product without any problems.


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