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base oil


General information about base oil

Usually, the base oil is used to produce various types of lubricants. In general, more than 95% of the formulation of different types of lubricants is base oil. The remaining 5% is related to other types of raw materials that are added to the intended product based on the field of use. Usually, most types of this oil consumed around the world are currently obtained from refining crude oil. The characteristics of base oils obtained from crude oil depend on the way of extraction and how these oils are produced. These oils have most of the characteristics of crude oil, and for this reason, they are usually used in certain conditions. Let’s talk more about the unique features of these products.


Usage of base oil

Different types of base oil are designed and produced with unique characteristics to be used in a specific field. Almost 90% of industrial and functional oils are currently made of base oil. For this reason, this product is one of the most important and practical petroleum products that are currently produced. In the lubrication industry, these types of oils can be used to produce lubricants and greases. In consumer industries, this oil is used to produce different types of motor oil, metal processing fluids, etc. In addition, this product can be used in the field of heat operation in practical industries.


lubrication industry to produce lubricants and greases
consumer industries to produce different types of motor oil, metal processing fluids, etc
practical industries heat operation


Usage of base oil


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

An amazing product with the characteristics of base oil must have functional properties. It is precise because of these properties that this oil is currently used in various fields. By using this oil, it is possible to increase the thermal resistance and stability of the manufactured products, as well as prevent the formation of sediments and sludge-forming substances. In addition to the issue, the products produced from this oil have very high resistance and also increase the viscosity of the produced products to a great extent. In general, it is important to know that base oil is usually produced in five different categories based on physical and chemical properties. This oil has not a determined formula. Each of these categories has its unique features and is used in a specific field.


Viscosity Index Sulfur Level Saturate Level Manufacturing Process Group
80 – 120 > 0.03% < 90% Solvent Refining Group I
80 – 120 ≤ 0.03% ≥ 90% Hydro-processing


Group Il
≥ 120 ≤ 0.03% ≥ 90% Severe Hydrocracking

(Catalytic De-waxing)

Group Ill
    100% POs (Poly-Alpha-Olefins) Chemical Reactions


Group IV
    All others not included in Groups I, I, IlGr IV

Naphtenic oils and esters

As Indicated Group V


How is packing of base oil?

Base oil enters the market in various packages. Considering that this product is not useful by itself and is used as a raw material for various productions, you should buy this product in bulk. Base oil usually enters the market in barrels of several liters. But in high volumes, you can also get this product in containers of several thousand liters and use them in your desired field. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of this oil you have bought, the better the quality of the final product will be.


How is packing of base oil?


Safety & warning & transportation

We told you earlier that base oil is one of the petroleum products and has inherited most of the characteristics of crude oil. Therefore, you must pay attention to safety factors when storing and using this product. For example, this oil also reacts to heat just like crude oil. However, different types of this oil should not be placed near a flame or in a high-temperature environment as this can be extremely dangerous. In addition, the smell and vapors of this oil can also be dangerous, so it is better to work with these oils in a place with good ventilation or open space. Workers should use special masks to work with these products. For transporting this product you must make sure that the packaging is healthy. Use safe containers to transport this product.



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