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General information about Texapon

Texapon or SLES is one of the widely used chemicals used in various industries. This product is used as a surface activator that has a high solubility in water and different types of oils. This product is usually produced as a semi-transparent and yellowish paste and is mostly used for different detergents. This product can be dissolved in any ratio with water, and this has made it used in various industries. This product is marketed in different grades, each of which is suitable for use in a specific field. This product produces a lot of foam when mixed with water. It can be pointed out that the foam produced in different types of detergents is due to the presence of SLES in these products. In the rest of this article, we are going to talk to you completely about this chemical product and its unique features. Stay with us for more information.

 Usage of Texapon

Texapon is widely used in detergent and cleaning products in the cosmetics and health industries. In the washing industry, this product can also be used to produce laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, etc. SLES can have wide and vital uses in leather production industries. In addition to the mentioned cases, this product is widely used in concrete making, the production of aromatic oils, the production of various types of lubricants, etc. SLES is also used as a degreaser in shampoos, body shampoos, toothpaste, liquid soaps, etc.


washing industry used to produce laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, etc.
Cosmetic industry used in detergent and cleaning products in the cosmetics and health industries

Usage of Texapon


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

Texapon (NaC12H25SO4) is used as a degreasing detergent in many fields. This product has good foaming properties and its foam is very light. SLES loses its unique properties next to different types of fats. In addition, Texapon is easily combined with other additives, and for this reason, it can be used in various combinations. This product can be combined with various products as quickly as possible and placed in the formulation without the need for heating and stirring. However, indeed, this product is widely used in cosmetics and detergents, but its excessive and careless use in the composition of these products can have harmful effects on the skin and human body. Different methods are used to produce this product, and each of these methods can produce a product with different physical and chemical characteristics.

Chemical Formula NaC12H25SO4
Appearance Clear liquid, yellow
Ignition point More than 93.9°C(more than 201°F PMCC)
Boiling point (>100°C) more than 212°F
Density 8.2 lb./gal, (0.986 g/ml) in 25°C


How is packing of Texapon?

We told you earlier that Texapon is produced as a semi-transparent paste. This issue has caused this product to be packed in multi-liter barrels and delivered to customers. You can buy this product in barrels according to the field of use. Of course, for bulk purchases of this product, you can use larger tankers to transport this product.


How is packing of Texapon?


Safety & warning & transportation

In general, Texapon is used in various fields. For this reason, the demand for its purchase is very high. To buy and store this product, you should pay attention to various factors. For example, the warehouse of this product should be dry and cool and completely away from moisture. The ideal temperature for storing this chemical is around 30 degrees Celsius. For this reason, it is better that you have a thermometer in the warehouse. You should never keep SLES next to oxidizing acid reagents and acidic substances. It is best to store this product in a plastic bag and inside stainless steel barrels to fully preserve its unique properties. In case of inappropriate use, Texapon can cause risks to human health. For this reason, it is better to use gloves and suitable covers when working with this material.


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