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Acetic acid



General information about acetic acid

Acetic acid is known as a mineral and belongs to the group of acids. This substance is a weak, colorless acid with a rather pungent smell. After carboxylic acid and formic acid, this substance is the simplest acidic compound and for this reason, it is used in various fields. This acid is hydrophilic in liquid form and easily dissolves in water. Pure acetic acid is a colorless liquid that absorbs water molecules from the surrounding environment. At a temperature of 16.5°C, this material is in the form of a colorless crystalline solid.


Usage of acetic acid

Acetic acid was first invented and used in 1845 by a German chemist. This acid is usually produced in both synthetic and natural ways. This acid is used in various fields due to its properties. For example, in the field of medicine, this product can be used as a disinfectant. By using this acid, some bacteria and infections can be treated. In addition, this substance can also be used to treat uterine cancer. In the food industry, this acid is used to produce vinegar. Due to the sour taste of this acid, it can be used as a supplement and flavoring. This acid is also used to adjust the twist of some foods. In large manufacturing industries, this acid is used to produce various types of chemical compounds. For example, compounds such as vinyl acetate, terephthalic, ethanoic, etc. are acetic acid products. In other fields, this acid is used to produce ink, color, perfume, and also pesticides.



as a disinfectant, treat uterine cancer medical industry
produce vinegar food industry
produce compounds such as vinyl acetate, terephthalic, ethanoic, etc. large manufacturing industries
produce ink, color, perfume, and also pesticides other fields



Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

This kind of acid is a hydrophilic substance and this makes it easily dissolve in water and its products. Also, acetic acid can form miscible mixtures with both polar and nonpolar compounds, and this makes this acid a very important and widely used industrial solvent. The chemical formula of this substance is CH3COOH. The structure of this acid is similar to the general structure of carboxylic acids, which are made of a methyl group attached to a carboxylic group. In the solid state, the molecules of this acid form chains and are connected by hydrogen bonds. In general, this chemical is known as one of the most essential acids for our human lives because it can have many effects, either directly or indirectly, in our lives. Globally, about 6.5 million tons of this substance are produced per year, which indicates the widespread use of this product.


CH3COOH Chemical formula
60.052 g/mol Molar mass
1.05 g/cm³ Density
118 °C Boiling point
16.6 °C Melting point
Carboxylic acid Classification



How is packing of acetic acid?

This acid is usually packaged in plastic gallons and barrels. Plastic bags are used to pack acetic acid powder. Usually, the packing containers of this acid are in the form of five liters, but you can also buy and use larger types of these packages. This product should not be packed in steel, iron, zinc, lead, copper, and bronze containers because this acid is very corrosive and can destroy these containers in the shortest possible time.  After each use, the lid of these containers must be completely sealed to fully protect the quality of this product against cold, heat, and light.

How is packing of Acetic acid?


Safety & warning & transportation

The concentrated type of acetic acid can cause abrasion and corrosion of the skin. This corrosion may cause burns or blisters that are dangerous to health. In addition, long-term inhalation of the smell and vapors of this acid can irritate the eyes, nose, and respiratory system. For this reason, various safety measures should be taken into account when working with this product. All people who directly or indirectly work with this acid must use work clothes, glasses, masks, and safety gloves to avoid any problems. To transfer and move this acid, it is better to make sure that the containers are completely sealed.



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