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sodium benzoate – benzoic acid



General information about sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate is known as the sodium salt of benzoic acid, which is used in various fields because of its properties. This chemical is a crystalline powder that has no smell. This product is widely used as a preservative in the field of food production. Due to the chemical nature of this substance, its excessive consumption is prohibited in many fields because it can be dangerous to human health. However, due to features such as anti-corrosion, excellent coverage, and excellent maintenance, this salt is known as one of the highest quality and most accessible to improvers.


Usage of sodium benzoate

Due to its amazing properties of it, i.e. high retention properties, antifungal properties, etc., sodium benzoate is used in various fields. For example, in the food and beverage industries, this salt can prevent the growth of yeasts and bacteria with its antimicrobial effect and prevent food products from spoiling to a great extent. In addition, by balancing the pH level in food products, this chemical can regulate the chemical conditions of food. In the pharmaceutical industry, this salt is also used as a preservative. In addition to this, sodium benzoate is also used to soften tablets and make their surface transparent. In the cosmetics industry, this chemical is used as a preservative to prevent the spoilage of cosmetics. Sodium benzoate is widely used in hair care products, toothpaste, and mouthwashes. In various other industries, this product is also used to prevent metal corrosion. In addition, you can find traces of this chemical in many fireworks.

prevent the growth of yeasts and bacteria with its antimicrobial effect food and beverage industries
as a preservative pharmaceutical industry
preservative to prevent the spoilage of cosmetics cosmetics industry


Usage of sodium benzoate


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of sodium benzoate is known as C7H5NaO2. In general, this product is a low-risk chemical, and for this reason, it is used in cosmetics and food. Of course, this does not mean that excessive consumption is allowed in any field without checking it. However, a limit has been set for the use of this chemical in food, cosmetic and health products. All manufacturers must pay attention to this limit because this chemical is usually considered safe in small doses. But due to its use in food fields, many sensitivities are usually formed on the use or non-use of this product.


C7H5NaO2 Chemical formula
144.11 g/mol Molar mass
249.3 °C Boiling point
410 °C Melting point
1.5 g/cm³ Density
Benzoic acid More general ingredient



How is packing of sodium benzoate?

We told you earlier that sodium benzoate is available to consumers as a white crystalline powder. Usually, in some cases, the granular form of this chemical is also produced, which is used in various fields. Because sodium benzoate is a moisture absorbent, different packages should be used for its transportation and sale. Plastic or moisture-proof paper bags are usually used to pack this chemical. Pay attention to the fact that the packaging of these products must be insulated and waterproof because moisture can affect their quality. In addition to this, sodium benzoate is easily soluble in water, so for its packaging and transportation, paying attention to various factors is important so that environmental factors such as rain, humidity, etc. cannot have much effect on the quality of this product.


How is packing of sodium benzoate?


Safety & warning & transportation

We told you earlier that there are many differences of opinion regarding the danger of sodium benzoate. This material can indeed be used in food, health, and cosmetic products, but the amount used is very small and limited. Increasing this amount can affect the health of many people. But despite this point, many people now think that one of the causes of cancer, children’s hyperactivity, and other related diseases are the use of this chemical substance in food. It is better to use special clothes and quality gloves to work with them in various industries so that workers do not have problems. In addition, you have to use sealed containers when transporting and moving this product.




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