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General information about BOPP

Biaxially-Oriented polypropylene or BOPP is known as a thermoplastic polymer that has wide applications in packaging industries. This product is one of the main polymers that is known as the best choice in the packaging industry due to its unique features such as proper strength and transparency. This product is one of the derivatives of crude oil and the demand for its production is increasing day by day. The affordable price, not being toxic, and also the suitable ability for packing different types of products are considered features that have made BOPP useful in various industries. We are trying to talk to you about the unique features of this chemical product in this article. If you are also interested in updating your information about this product, stay with us.


Usage of BOPP

 BOPP is among those products that are used in small and large rolls and transparent plastic sheets in various industries. In the packaging industry, this product is used to produce various coatings for the packaging of manufactured products. This product is non-toxic and healthy, that’s why it can be used for packaging food and edible products. In addition to packaging food products, Biaxially-Oriented polypropylene is also used for packaging other products. In everyday use, BOPP is used to produce plastic bags. In addition, it is possible to use Biaxially-Oriented polypropylene in other industries such as the printing industry in many fields. This product is currently known as the best option for product packaging due to its transparency and the proper strength. In addition to these, the affordable price is also a logical reason that has led manufacturers to use this product.


packaging industry used to produce various coatings for the packaging of manufactured products. This product is non-toxic and healthy, that’s why it can be used for packaging food and edible products
everyday use used to produce plastic bags


Usage of BOPP


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

BOPP is known with the chemical formula (C3H6)n. This product has exemplary tensile strength and is tough against environmental conditions. If this product is produced in good condition and with good thickness, it is also very resistant to punctures and tears. In addition, Biaxially-Oriented polypropylene is resistant to temperature changes and maintains its physical and chemical properties in a wide range of temperatures. This product is very shiny and transparent, but by adding other raw materials, this product can also be produced in matte and colored varieties. According to the research, this product is the best option for producing plastic bags and packaging for food products.


Chemical formula (C3H6)n
Density 0.855 g/cm3, amorphous 0.946 g/cm3, crystalline
Melting point 130 to 171 °C (266 to 340 °F; 403 to 444 K)
Appearance Films, rolls


How is packing of BOPP?

BOPP is sold in rolls of different widths. You can get this product in the required size and width and use it in any field you want. Biaxially-Oriented polypropylene can be physically changed and used in different fields. Fortunately, the product is known as one of the highest quality and best for packaging because it can prevent environmental factors and pollution from entering the packaging for a longer period.

How is packing of BOPP?

How is packing of BOPP?


Safety & warning & transportation

To store and use BOPP, it is necessary to pay attention to various factors. The product storage area should be a cool place and away from any contamination. In addition, various safety factors should be taken into consideration when moving this product. Biaxially-Oriented polypropylene is sold in sheets or rolls. Damage to small parts of this product can make the entire package useless, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety points to avoid wasting money. In addition, it is better to use various safety equipment for working with this product.


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