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Expanded Polyethylene



General information about Expanded Polyethylene

Expanded Polyethylene or EPS is a product that is produced from the combination of styrene and pentane under certain conditions. This product is sound and heat insulation and is used in various industries. The field of use of this product varies from packaging industries to construction industries. This issue has made EPS known as one of the most useful chemical products in today’s world. It can be said that EPS is one of the joint products of oil and natural gas, which is produced under special conditions.


Usage of Expanded Polyethylene

Due to its unique features, EPS is used in various industries. In the construction industry, this product can be used as a suitable insulator.  This product is also widely used in the construction of lifeguards in swimming pools and the sea. In cold storage industries, Expanded Polyethylene is used to insulate the body of refrigerators and cold storage. In the food and packaging industries, this product can be used for packaging vegetables, fruits, meat, and even food. EPS is a light chemical substance and its water absorption is very low. These two factors have made the fields of use of this product very wide. Lightness along with proper strength has made EPS excellent insulation in building construction. This product shows good resistance against heat, fire, weather changes, chemical factors, humidity, etc. Of course, this does not mean that in the vicinity of these products, Expanded Polyethylene does not change, but it shows more resistance compared to other products.


construction industry used as a suitable insulator
cold storage industries used to insulate the body of refrigerators and cold storage
food and packaging industries used for packaging vegetables, fruits, meat, and even food


Usage of Expanded Polyethylene


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

We told you earlier that EPS consists of two main compounds: styrene and pentane. Styrene forms the cellular structure of this chemical and pentane is used as a foaming agent. These two chemicals together have made Expanded Polyethylene with unique and amazing properties to be produced and used as suitable insulation in many fields. Pentane is the main factor that causes air molecules to be placed inside the Expanded Polyethylene and prevent heat and sound from passing through. The chemical formula of EPS is C8H8. EPS has relatively good flexibility against impact and pressure and can maintain its mechanical and appearance characteristics in various environmental conditions. In addition to this, the non-absorption of moisture is another unique feature that has made EPS a widely used material in various industries, especially construction.

Chemical formula C8H8
Appearance Solid smalls spherical beads
Molecular Weight 10,000-300,000
Melting Point 240,0 ºC
Flash Point 345-360 ºC (closed cup) (<-50ºC pentane)
Solubility (Water) insoluble



How is packing of Expanded Polyethylene?


Expanded Polyethylene is one of those products that are usually designed in different ways. According to the field of use, this product may reach consumers in the form of balls or sheets. It is you who should decide in what condition you want to buy your EPS according to the field of use. All types of balls of this product are delivered to customers in plastic packages. But the sheet types of this product can be loaded and reach the destination without any packaging.

How is packing of Expanded Polyethylene?

How is packing of Expanded Polyethylene?


Safety & warning & transportation

In this context, we tried to talk to you completely about EPS and the features of this product. According to the conducted research, about 98% of Expanded Polyethylene consists of air, and this has caused the thermal conductivity of this material to be very low. This factor is the main factor that made EPS become a high-quality and excellent thermal insulation. If you plan to buy this product in bulk and use it, you should consider a suitable place to store it. EPS indeed shows good resistance to environmental and weather factors, but to preserve the unique characteristics of this product, it is better that you consider a clean and well-maintained place to store this product. In addition, it is better to use containers that have enough space to move this product.



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