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Light Impact Polyethylene



General information about Light Impact Polyethylene

Light Impact Polyethylene or HITPS, as its name suggests, is a reinforced polyethylene that is used in various industries. This product is usually produced in bright white color and has unique features.  Light Impact Polyethylene is usually softer than unimproved polyethylene. In general, in the process of strengthening this product, many physical changes are made in polyethylene. With the changes made, the fragility of this product decreases, and the impact property increases. All these factors make this product become a useful product in various industries. Besides all these things, the price of Light Impact Polyethylene is also very affordable. We are going to talk to you about the unique features HITPS in this article. If you are also interested in updating your information about this product, stay with us.


Usage of Light Impact Polyethylene

Light Impact Polyethylene, as its name suggests, can show good resistance against physical force. This issue has caused this product to be used in various fields such as making household appliances or dishes. This product is very lightweight and due to its excellent flexibility, it can easily be shaped. So, in the home appliance, this product can be used as a bumper. In addition, this product can be used as a basic resin for the production of electronic components, building compounds, etc. in the construction industry. In addition, HITPS is used in cooling industries to insulate refrigerators and freezers. In general, this product has excellent color acceptability and moldability, and good adhesion. In the 3D printing industry, HITPS is used for the design of various products.


home appliance used as a bumper
construction industry used as a basic resin for the production of electronic components, building compounds, etc.
3D printing industry used for the design of various products


Usage of Light impact polyethylene


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of Light Impact Polyethylene is (C8H8). This product is a resistant plastic material that has high shock absorption and flexibility. In addition, this product has high resistance strength and can maintain its unique characteristics against various environmental factors. In general, HITPS, unlike other polyethylenes, has a very high resistance to pressure and impact and does not break easily. This product has excellent flexibility, which makes the molding process much easier. Dimensional and temperature stability, adhesiveness, printability, etc. have made this product a widely used product in various industries.


Chemical formula (C8H8)
Appearance Solid, grainy, opaque
Odor Odorless
Melting point/freezing point Not available
Solubility(ies) Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon solvents
Relative density 0.65 g/cm³
Boiling point, initial boiling, and boiling range Not available



How is packing of Light Impact Polyethylene?

Light Impact Polyethylene is a solid and granular product.  Just like other types of polyethylene, this product is sold in 25 kg bags and various packages. Almost all manufacturers sell this product in 25 kg bags.  But many factories may have different packaging for customers. You can go for bulk or small volumes of this product according to your needs and buy the package you want.



How is packing of Light impact polyethylene?


Safety & warning & transportation

In general, Light Impact Polyethylene is a chemical product.  Chemical products carry risks. For example, according to research, long-term exposure to this substance may cause problems such as cancer for humans. For this reason, it is recommended to use various safety masks and covers when using this product. In addition, this product is very dangerous for the environment and can easily endanger animals. It is better that you pay attention to safety factors when working with this product. Choose a clean, dark, and cool place to store this product. Also, fully control irritating factors such as heat and humidity in the warehouse.


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