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PE Wax



General information about PE Wax

PE Wax is one of the side products made from polyethylene. This product is known as one of the most common lubricants and can be dissolved in inorganic solvents at normal temperatures. Polyethylene wax is a colorless and odorless material that is usually found as a solid crystal. This material is usually produced in the form of powder or flakes and is used in various fields. PE Wax has less flexibility and resistance compared to other types of polyethylene, but it shows amazing resistance to chemicals. Compared to other polyethylenes, this product is purer and has a higher melting point and resistance. These chemical factors have caused this product to be used in various fields.


Usage of PE Wax

Due to its amazing properties, PE Wax is used as a waterproof agent in the manufacture of various products. For example, in the construction and insulation industries, this product can be used to produce wooden composite boards such as OSB, chipboard, etc. as a waterproofing agent. In addition to this, this product is also used as a compound in the food and health industries. Of course, in these fields, this product must be used in a refined and non-toxic type. In making different types of candles, polyethylene wax is used as the main ingredient of paraffin. In addition to the mentioned fields, this product can be used to produce tires to prevent oxidation of the metal surface, producing PVC pipes, etc.


construction and insulation industries used to produce wooden composite boards such as OSB, chipboard, etc. as a waterproofing agent
food and health industries used as a compound in food and cosmetics
making different types of candles used as the main ingredient of paraffin


Usage of PE Wax


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

PE Wax has a high melting point, high chemical resistance, high psychoanalysis, and very high softening. These factors made this product be used as a basic raw material in various industries. The chemical formula of this product is (C2H4)n. If you have little expertise in the field of chemistry, you know that the chemical formula does not differ much in different grades of polyethylene. The only thing that makes different grades of this product have their unique characteristics is the change in temperature and pressure during the production of products. If you also intend to buy this product, go for the highest quality and best type of product. This product is used as a raw material in various combinations, for this reason, to keep the quality of the final product produced, you must buy and use the highest quality raw materials. To buy these products, you can go to the most reliable sellers.


Chemical formula (C2H4)n
Density 0.95
Melting Point 92 °C
Flash Point 270 °C



How is packing of PE Wax?

Just like other polyethylene, PE Wax is sold in 25 kg composite bags. We told you earlier that the physical state of this solid material is crystalline. Many manufacturers may produce this product in powder form and many others may produce it in flakes. It is you who should go for the best and highest quality product according to your field of use. This product is resistant to environmental factors, but usually waterproof coatings are used to package this product to maintain the quality of the product in general.

PE Wax

How is packing of PE Wax?

Safety & warning & transportation

PE Wax is a product that should be stored at a temperature between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius in a dry and well-ventilated place. In addition, this product should be away from the heat of direct sunlight to fully maintain the final quality of the product. It is better to use different types of suitable masks and covers to work with this product because if it melts or burns, Polyethylene Wax may produce toxic fumes. Exposure to these vapors for a long time can cause many problems for people’s health.



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