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General information about DMM

DMM is a degradable chemical product. This chemical is a flammable, colorless product with a low boiling point and a very strong solubility property. Dimethoxymethane has a rather pungent smell and is produced under a special process. This product is widely used as a strong solvent in various industries. Dimethoxymethane is volatile and in the vicinity of air, it quickly turns into a gas and combines with air molecules. The vapor of this product is heavier than air. For this reason, if this product is stored improperly, the possibility of an explosion increases to a great extent.

 Usage of DMM

We told you earlier that DMM is used as a chemical solvent in various industries. In the perfume industry, this product can be used as a fixed composition to produce various products. In other industries, dimethoxymethane is widely used to make synthetic resins. In addition, this product can be used to make adhesives, colored strips, protective coatings, etc. In fuel industries, this product is also used as a gasoline additive because DMM can increase octane in fuels. High solvent power, resistance to mild acidic and alkaline conditions, etc. are among the factors that have made dimethoxymethane known as a widely used solvent all over the world.


perfume industry used as a fixed composition to produce various products
fuel industries used as a gasoline additive because DMM can increase octane in fuels
other industries used to make synthetic resins


Usage of DMM

 Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

DMM is known as a low-boiling solvent and has good resistance in acidic and mild alkaline conditions. In addition, this product has good stability against heat and high pressure. This product has about twice the evaporation rate of acetone, which makes its storage conditions relatively difficult. The chemical formula of dimethoxymethane is C3H8O2. This product is relatively dangerous and to work with it, you must pay attention to various safety factors. In addition to being inflammable, this product has many toxic vapors, and inhaling these vapors can be harmful to the respiratory system. This product has a very low viscosity and is known for its pungent smell. Although this product is known as a solvent, dimethoxymethane can be diluted with some water. This unique feature of this product is used in various industries.

Chemical formula C3H8O2
Boiling point 42 °C
Density Density
Molar mass 76.1 g/mol


How is packing of DMM?

DMM is produced in liquid form just like other solvents. Pulsing this product in liquid form makes its packaging process a bit challenging. Due to the unique characteristics of dimethoxymethane, this product is usually sold in barrels with different volumes. The transfer barrels of this product are designed in such a way that there are no seams or ventilation. Because this product is very volatile, it must be marketed in sealed packages. However, you can buy this product in multi-liter barrels and use it in your desired field. If you need more volume of this product, you can use tankers and containers to transport dimethoxymethane.


How is packing of DMM?

Safety & warning & transportation

In general, DMM is a dangerous chemical. In addition to the risk of liquid and gas fire of this product, inhaling the smell of these products can also have harmful effects on human health.  Excessive inhalation of vapors and the smell of this product can irritate the eyes and affect the human central nervous system. Therefore, it is better to use suitable clothes and high-quality masks to work with this product. Because this product is a fugitive product and the vapors of this product are also incendiary and flammable, to store and move this product, the packaging door must be completely closed and there is no way for the vapors of this product to escape. It is only in this condition that you can store the enclosed product with the least concern. Due to the sensitivity of this product, the storage conditions of dimethoxymethane should be very special and controlled.



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