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super grade sanitary Vaseline


General information about super grade sanitary Vaseline


Super grade sanitary Vaseline is a mineral fat obtained from the refining of crude oil. This product has no smell or taste and its color is also white. super grade sanitary Vaseline has high fat and proper concentration, and for this reason, it can be used in various cosmetic and health fields. This product is obtained after the distillation of crude oil at a temperature of 360 degrees Celsius and is recognized as a skin protector by the American Food and Drug Administration. This shows that the use of this substance can be effective in the field of skincare. In general, this product is sold in different types so that it can be easily used in various fields. Vaseline is available in the market in two types, industrial and sanitary, and you can buy your desired product according to the field of use.



Usage of super grade sanitary Vaseline


The uses of super grade sanitary Vaseline are very wide and diverse. Let’s explore these together. In the field of making skin care products, Vaseline can be used as a medicinal and care product. Vaseline is currently widely used to produce various types of creams, lotions, etc. Note that this product is usually used in creams and ointments with various other ingredients to increase its effectiveness. In hair care products, super grade sanitary Vaseline can soften hair and treat dandruff. This product is used in many hair waxes so that you can take care of your hair easily. In medical fields, Vaseline can be used to treat some skin injuries. This combination can speed up the healing process of scars or skin problems.


skin care products creams, lotions, etc
hair care products soften hair and treat dandruff
medical fields treat some skin injuries


Usage of super grade sanitary Vaseline


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula


The chemical formula of super grade sanitary Vaseline is C15H15N. This product is used in various fields due to its unique features. Indeed, Vaseline is widely used in the health industry, but this product is also widely used in various other industries. This product itself is a jelly-like substance that does not oxidize when exposed to air. Also, many chemical factors do not affect it, and this substance is insoluble in water, but it dissolves in compounds such as benzene, diethyl ether, etc. This material is compatible with plastics, and for this reason, plastic containers are usually used for its packaging.  At the ambient temperature and over time, Vaseline does not see any particular change, but it may become a little liquid when the weather warms up.


Chemical formula C15H15N
The melting temperature 38 to 42 degrees Celsius
Specific weight 830 to 900 g/mol
Dissolvability Insoluble in water, ethyl alcohol and glycerin
Sulfur less than 0.2%
Heavy metals less than 0.3%



How is packing of super grade sanitary Vaseline?

Vaseline is usually sold in plastic packages and various sizes. As a rule, for home consumption of super grade sanitary Vaseline, you need to prepare small and few milliliter sizes of this product. But for larger health purposes, for example, in hospitals and clinics, you can buy larger packages. Pay attention to the fact that Vaseline is a solid and sticky product, that’s why the probability of it falling or wasting is low. For this reason, simple and low-cost methods are usually used to package this product.

How is packing of super grade sanitary Vaseline

How is packing of super grade sanitary Vaseline?


Safety & warning & transportation

In general, super grade sanitary Vaseline does not have many risks and complications because this product is therapeutic and should not have harmful effects on the skin and human health. However, excessive and careless use of this product can cause many problems. For example, many people may be allergic to this product. Vaseline is obtained from the distillation of crude oil, so it is not far-fetched that many people are allergic to it. In case of improper use of Vaseline, this product can cause many problems such as infection and closing of skin pores. So try to use this product carefully and properly. Also, excessive use of this product can cause many respiratory problems. Store this product at room temperature and try to prevent the transfer of contamination to its packaging.


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