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thinner 30000



General information about thinner 30000

Different types of thinner enter the market as colorless and transparent liquids. Thinner 30000 is one of the sets of instant thinners, which is colorless and transparent without suspended substances and odor.  This type of thinner is known as one of the most widely used and high-quality thinners, which is used in various industries. In fact, among all the different types of thinners, thinner 30000 is known as one of the best products that can be widely used in the field of paint thinner and surface cleaning. In this context, we try to fully talk to you about the thinner 30000 and the features of this product. So if you also want to buy this kind of thinner and are looking for more information about it, we suggest you stay with us until the end of the content.


Usage of thinner 30000

In general, thinner 30000 has wide uses in various industries. Let’s talk more about the usage of this product. In the painting industry, this type of thinner is used to reduce the concentration of paint. This product has a special application in the preparation of car paint and can increase color uniformity, transparency, and brightness to a great extent. In addition, this product can be used as a strong detergent in the field of cleanliness and completely cleans surfaces. In the wood painting and furniture industries, different types of thinners, especially thinner 30000, are widely used and can greatly increase the quality of painting products. In general, if you want to paint a surface and are looking for the highest quality and best type of thinner to dilute the desired color, this option is the best option for you.


painting industries used to reduce the concentration of paint
cleaning can be used as a strong detergent in the field of cleanliness
wood painting and furniture industries used and can greatly increase the quality of painting products


Usage of thinner 30000


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of the thinner 30000 is C4H8O. You can get this product on various platforms. Due to the widespread use of this product, many sellers are currently selling this product in stores and online shops. Thinner is a very light and volatile liquid, so it must be stored under special conditions. It is better to close the lid of the product packaging tightly after each use and not leave any seams or compartments open. This product is highly volatile, and even with small leaks, a large amount of the solution may evaporate and disappear in a short period. In addition to the waste of money, the vapors of this product are very flammable and this issue can bring many risks.

C4H8O Chemical formula
25°C (xylene) Flash point
0.77 (butyl acetate = 1) Evaporation rate
3.7 [Air = 1] Vapor density
0.86 g/cm³ [25°C] Density
insoluble in water Solubility(ies)



How is packing of thinner 30000?

Thinner 30000 is a very widely used product, which is why it should be marketed in various packages. You can get this type of thinner in multi-liter packages, gallon packages, and barrels. If you want to use this product in bulk, buying barrel packaging will be a good option for you. Thinner 30000 is a very cheap and cost-effective product, and you can get it at the lowest cost and take advantage of its unique features in various fields. Go to the most reliable sellers to buy this product so that you can get a good quality product and achieve your goal more easily.


How is packing of thinner 30000?


Safety & warning & transportation

We told you earlier that different types of thinner, especially thinner 30000, is a dangerous products. The thinner itself, as well as its vapors, catches fire with the smallest flammability factor, and this issue can make the process of maintaining and using them more difficult. So the storage place of these products should be very safe and away from flammable factors. Due to the production of mass vapors, you must use containers with sealed and strong packages to store the thinner. Evaporation of this product, in addition to being a waste of money, is also extremely dangerous. Gas molecules are easily dispersed, and this issue can greatly increase the possibility of the product exploding or catching fire. Also, this product should not be in contact with human skin. To transport this product, use high-quality sealing containers.



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