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Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum


General Information

As a result of its strict and law-abiding attitude, Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum belongs to the distillation reactor’s lubricating oil layer. So in other words, it is a by-product of the refining of lubricating oils. To give you a sense of what slack wax is, we can say that it is a raw material of paraffin wax, a mixture of wax and oil. It is yellow, brown, or a mix of both, and its melting point determines how slack wax is graded. Generally, types with melting points ranging from 50 to 52 °C are considered light grades, and those with melting points ranging from 53 to 55 °C are considered heavy grades. As mentioned above, a portion of slack wax has been combined with oil content ranging from 5 to 30 percent. This product has many uses, including emulsions, matches, candles, inks, carbon paper, etc. It can also be used to manufacture various industrial products as blending components or waterproofing agents.

Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum is known that the amount of the oil content in the slack wax has an inverse relationship with the price of the wax. The higher the percentage of oil content, the lower the wax’s price. 10% and 30% oil content, suitable for cold regions such as Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine, are eligible.

Usage of Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum

Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum is widely used in industry. You can name many sectors that need Slack Wax as the main substance. First, Slack Wax as a precursor turns into paraffin wax. In this state, it may be more valuable. As a Slack Wax product, Paraffin Wax is also very useful. After passing a few steps, Slack Wax will turn into paraffin, the main substance of the Candle. The operation is not complicated. The first stage of the paraffin wax process is to extract the oil from Slack Wax. In industry, this is known as deoiling or dewaxing. In the histology or pathology laboratory, paraffin wax has an important use. It is used to impregnate tissues for cutting.

Another use for paraffin wax is mostly artistic. Nowadays, wax engraving is very popular among customers. The procedure is simple and fun. Usually, tools such as saws, specific knives, and sandpaper are used to shape the wax into the statues we want. Handicrafts have a huge market, and they are in high demand. Another industry with Slack Wax on the requirement list is the textile industry. Slack Wax and paraffin are recommended to insulate and protect certain fabrics with specific applications. Paraffin is used for coating textiles. This coating is required to protect the fabric, which is necessary for some needs. Paraffin is a very suitable material to avoid heat or cold. It is also used as a sealant, an additive to produce chewing gum, and a shiny material for coating candy.

 Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum

Technical data sheet & Chemical Formula

A soft colorless solid called Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum is a product derived from petroleum, coal, or oil shale that is composed of a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules that contain between 20 and 40 carbon atoms and is derived from petroleum, coal, and oil shale. When it is at room temperature, it is solid. It melts at about 37°C (99°F),[2] and boils at about 370°C (698°F). The chemical formula of this substance is CnH2n+2.

Odor: Mild

Relative Density (at 15 °C)

Flash Point: 176 – 260°C (

Boiling Point / Range: > 316°C

Vapor Pressure: < 0.013 kPa

Log Pow (n-Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient): > 6

Solubility in Water: Negligible

Viscosity: 2.2 – 9.0 CST

Melting Point: 30 – 68°C


Packing of Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum

Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum


Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum is usually packed in 150 to 1000 kg drums.

Safety & warning & transportation of Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum

Heavy wax slack 5-8% bulk & drum is safe; however, contact with the skin should be avoided, and good personal hygiene should be observed. Avoid contact with the eyes, and if splashes are likely to occur, it is recommended to wear full-face visors or chemical goggles as appropriate.

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