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Poly amid – nylon


General information about Poly amid

Poly amid or in other words nylon is one of the semi-crystalline thermoplastics that have unique features. Due to its crystalline nature, the natural color of this chemical is yellowish-white. But it is possible to change the color of this product by using chemical dyes. These products are flammable materials, but in the temperature range of minus 30 degrees to plus 70 degrees centigrade, this product does not see any special chemical changes. These products are designed and produced in various types and reach consumers. Poly amid s are very hard materials with excellent thermal and chemical resistance. For this reason, the fields of use of this product in various industries are very wide.


Usage of Poly amid

Poly amid is a chemical substance that is used in various fields. In the automotive industry, this product is used as a metal substitute for making different car parts. Due to its flexibility as well as suitable chemical and thermal resistance, this product is a very practical option in this field. In the electronic industry, this product can be used to make electronic circuit parts. In addition, this chemical is also used to make cable transmission pipes. In the textile industry, different grades of this product can be used to produce all kinds of carpets, fluff, brooms, etc. This product has very good flexibility, and this has made its use in the textile industry many supporters. In addition, this product has good resistance to wear, chemicals, etc.


automotive industry used as a metal substitute for making different car parts
electronic industry used to make electronic circuit parts
textile industry used to produce all kinds of carpets, fluff, brooms, etc.


Usage of Poly amid


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of Poly amid is C12H20N2O2. We told you earlier that due to its unique properties, this chemical is used in various fields. Different grades of this chemical have a high abrasion resistance and are very resistant to impact. In addition, this product is not damaged in a wide temperature range and fully maintains its unique features. Poly amid shows good resistance against solvents, oils, grease, and other chemicals. This chemical can be easily mastered and various products can be made from it. Also, different types of this product can be dyed. Products made of this chemical are very resistant to cracking, bursting, and wear and can maintain their strength for years.


Chemical formula C12H20N2O2
Physical state solid
Melting point/freezing point >215 °C
Density 1,14 g /cm³ at 20 °C
Flammability this material is combustible, but will not ignite readily


How is packing of Poly amid?

Poly amid s are produced in granular form just like other types of polymers.  Usually, this chemical product is marketed in plastic or paper packages of 25 kg. If there is a wider need for this product, you can buy larger packages of Poly amid and use it in your desired field. The packaging of this product should be in such a way as to prevent the passage of environmental factors and damage to the product.

How is packing of Poly amid?

How is packing of Poly amid?

 Safety & warning & transportation

Poly amid is one of those chemical products that are not resistant to acids and its moisture absorption rate is high. For this reason, to prevent damage to the quality of this product, you should consider a place for storage that is far from different types of acidic materials and the percentage of humidity is zero. It is only in this situation that you can fully preserve the unique features of this product and use it easily. It is suggested to use various covers and masks to work with this product in industrial volume. Use sealed and strong containers to move and transfer the packages of this product.


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