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polyphenol sulfone


Polyphenyl sulfone

General Information

Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU, PPSF) is associated with amorphous, heat-resistant, and clear superior thermoplastic synthesized by nucleophilic aromatic substitution between dichlorodiphenyl sulfone and, therefore, the metallic element salt of four, 4-dihydroxybiphenyl with the elimination of salt. The biphenylene ether unit of PPSU markedly will increase the impact strength and reduce the notch sensitivity, leading to high notched (Izod) impact values that exceed those of different polysulfones (PSU, PES).2 It additionally contributes to simple soft fabrication. These resins are often promptly injection wrought or extruded on standard instrumentality. However, the process needs a relatively high mold temperature of about 365 to 395°C whereas glass fiber bolstered grades need even higher temperatures.

Polyphenylsulfone is the highest-used polysulfone. It’s acknowledged for its high toughness, flexural and enduringness, glorious hydrolytic stability, and smart resistance to chemicals and warmth. Compared to the two different polyether sulfones PSU and PES, it has superior mechanical properties; however, it is less widely used. It additionally has the most effective chemical resistance of all polyether sulfones. For example, it’s extremely protective against binary compound mineral acids, bases, oxidizing agents, and most solvents. However, aromatic solvents and ventilated solvents, like ketones and ethers, may cause some stress cracking.

Polyphenylsulfone is commonly a wonderful alternative for elements exposed to high temperatures and corrosive media due to its exceptional chemical resistance. Examples include pipe fittings, battery containers, medical device elements, and sterilizable products for health care and nursing. It is additionally utilized in the automotive and region industries for applications wherever superior thermal and mechanical properties relative to standard resins are needed. However, due to poor weathering and gas and UV resistance, most (unfilled) grades don’t seem appropriate for out-of-door uses.

Usage of polyphenyl sulfone

PPSF could be an elastic plastic typically utilized in fast prototyping and fast-producing (direct digital manufacturing) applications. Polyphenylsulfone is heat and chemical-resistant and suited to automotive, aerospace, and plumbing applications. It has no temperature, reflective of its amorphous nature, and offers enduringness up to fifty-five MPa (8000 psi). Its business name is Radel. In plumbing applications, polyphenyl sulfone fittings are found to generally crack untimely or cause expertise failure once improperly put in exploitation non-manufacturer approved installation strategies or systems.


Technical data sheet & Chemical Formula

Polyphenylsulfone, or PPSU, has various properties, making it a wonderful metal-replacement material for numerous medical applications. The foremost noteworthy is its heat resistance. It can potentially resist extreme temperatures (up to 260°C). Also, it’s resistant to harsh disinfectants and chemicals. Another unbelievable property at its high impact resistance, smart flexural modulus, and wonderful sturdiness. These properties make PPSU a perfect candidate for single- and multi-use surgical instruments. Its mechanical properties also make it much lighter than different varieties of metal medical instrumentality. The chemical formula is C6H5SO2Cl → (C6H4SO2)n + n HCl.

Physical Typical Value Unit
Specific Gravity 1.24 g/cm³
Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) 6.5 g/10 min
Water Absorption (24 hr) 0.30 %
Tensile Strength 70.3 MPa
Tensile Elongation (Break) 50 to 100 %
Flexural Strength 106 MPa
Deflection Temperature Under Load 174 °C


Packing of polyphenyl sulfone



Polyphenylsulfone is usually packed in 25 to 500 kg PP or woven bags.

Safety & warning & transportation of polyphenyl sulfone

Polyphenylsulfone was found to be non-hazardous. Take them out into the sun; if their condition worsens, you should consult a doctor. In other words, see your doctor if you’re feeling the requirement. Rather than exploiting ice to chill the burn, stand underneath fast-moving water. If the chemical gets on the skin, don’t attempt to wash it off with water. Injury to encompassing tissue could be a real chance throughout removal. Arrival currently. Safe and purposeful emergency showers should be simply accessible. One of the best ways to require care of each eye is to spray them with water from time to time. Do not stop laundry once the primary second, and keep your contacts on while you are doing this. If symptoms persist, see a doctor, ideally an associate specialist. Get medical facilitation quickly if enveloped. It should cause constipation. You ought not to take any special steps for transporting this compound.

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