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Silicone Oil


General information about Silicone Oil

Silicone Oil is a clear liquid that is usually used as a lubricant in various fields. This product can be used in the food industry, production of paper covers, production of washers, etc. This product has a very good lubrication property and this has made it used in various fields. This oil is marketed in different grades, each of which is suitable for use in different fields.  This product is known as a hydrophobic polymer and monomeric compound formed by silicon-oxygen bonds. This oil has very high stability, good thermal tolerance, and low surface tension and is completely non-toxic. This has made the process of using this product very easy. In the continuation of the content, we want to provide you with complete and comprehensive information about this oil. Stay with us for more information.

 Usage of Silicone Oil

We told you earlier that Silicone Oil is among those products that have wide applications in various industries. In manufacturing and applied industries, this product is usually used as a lubricant and coolant in devices. By using this oil, the working process of the devices can be improved to a great extent. This oil can be used for simple household devices and very large industrial devices and improve the working conditions of industrial machines. In medical fields, this product is used to produce various types of ointments and creams that are used in the field of muscle cramps. In addition, this product has wide uses in ophthalmology. In the field of production of various types of cosmetic products, this oil is used to produce creams and shampoos. This product can help spread more easily, shine, more protection, etc. in these products.


manufacturing and applied industries used as a lubricant and coolant in devices
medical fields used to produce various types of ointments and creams that are used in the field of muscle cramps
cosmetic industries this oil is used to produce creams and shampoos


Usage of Silicone Oil


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

Silicone Oil is known for its chemical formula C6H18OSi2. This material has very low surface tension and can be easily spread on different surfaces. It is precisely for this reason that this product is used as an excellent lubricant. This product has good dielectric properties and good resistance to stress, oxidation, and hydrolysis. This product has very high stability and completely maintains its flexibility at high temperatures. In addition, this oil can be easily combined with various chemicals and as a result, it can be used to produce a variety of products. This oil has anti-foaming properties, and for this reason, it is widely used in the food industry. Different grades of this product can be used in different fields.

Chemical formula C6H18OSi2
Appearance Liquid
Color Colorless
Flash point Flash point
Bulk density 0.9 kg/l


 How is packing of Silicone Oil?

Silicone Oil is a colorless liquid and is usually sold in multi-liter barrels. You can get this product in different grades in these barrels and use it. If you need more volume of this product, you can buy Silicone Oil in several thousand-liter tankers and use it. This oil is used in two types: edible and industrial, and each category of this product has its unique characteristics.

How is packing of Silicone Oil?

How is the packing of Silicone Oil?


Safety & warning & transportation


Silicone Oil is not a toxic material and can be used easily and without any special concerns in various industries. This product has very good stability against chemical and environmental factors, and for this reason, its storage process is also very convenient and low-cost. You should store this product in a place away from pollution and chemical factors to fully preserve its pureness. To work with this chemical substance in high volume, it is better to use special clothes, masks, and gloves so that there is no special problem for the workers.


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