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With the scientific name of sodium lauryl ether sulfate, and the NaC12H25SO4 molecular formula, it is a semi-transparent white or thick yellow paste with a mild odor.

Texapon dissolves easily and in any proportion in water and has a high stability compared to hard water. Sodium lauryl ether sulfate is known by the brand name Texapon which is an anionic surfactant and is one of the most common chemical compounds.

Texapon is available in both N70 and oyster shell forms. Texapon oysters have less purity than N70 and are used in the production of oyster and opaque detergents such as shampoos. Texapon N70 is a high-viscosity paste used in the production of clear detergents.

It contains a small amount of salt, which when diluted in water at normal concentrations shows low viscosity, and when sodium chloride and alkanolamide surfactant are added to it, its viscosity will be adjusted. The softness of Texapon is more when mixed with betaine, than the softness of each alone.


Texapon applications:

It is used as a common detergent in most head and body health products. It has good foaming properties, it has good foaming properties, but its foam is not light and creamy, and it disappears in the presence of fats, and it dissolves easily in hard and ordinary water with a lot of foam and is compatible with other additives. Using this material, it is possible to achieve the desired result easily and without the need for heating and stirring at high speed by adding other items depending on the formulation.

It has a skin irritating nature and damages the structure of the two layers of fat in the skin, increasing the subtle evaporation of the skin and its dryness. Therefore, if it is combined with other anionic, amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants, the quality and amount of foaming and washing will be provided at the desired level. It also can be diluted with triethanolamine, if needed. It is used in most commercial detergents such as dishwashing liquid and industrial cleaners (floor cleaner, carwash liquid, oil remover) and in more than 90% of sanitary and cleansing materials such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, cream and Lotion is a foaming and cleansing liquid and is one of the raw materials for cosmetics.


Production of Texapon

Texapon is produced by Autoxidation of a fatty alcohol such as coconut oil. As a result, it is converted to a semi-ester of sulfuric acid and neutralized by converting it to sodium salt.


Maintenance time:

It can be stored for up to a year under normal conditions. Avoid freezing.


Texapon Harms:

Skin damage: Sodium lauryl sulfate and other anionic surfactants extensively damage the skin’s covering tissue. In fact, most skin reactions to health products are due to the surfactants they contain. The compound also has destructive properties that are often deliberately used in clinical trials to degrade the skin.

In a study conducted to determine the difference in degeneration in terms of sex and race, the rate of water vapor loss through the skin due to sodium lauryl sulfate as a useful method in assessing the destructive effects of Texapon in the form of allergic reactions appears in people. In a study of 242 patients with eczema dermatitis, many allergic reactions to sodium lauryl sulfate were observed.

Frequent contact with sodium lauryl sulfate causes destructive contact dermatitis, making it a common occupational disease. Research shows that sodium lauryl sulfate greatly damages the overall integrity of the skin.

Scientists do not recommend the use of other cleansers that have less effect on the overall consistency of the skin.

Oral Injury: Sodium lauryl sulfate not only damages the epidermal layer of the skin, but is extremely harmful to the oral mucosa. This is important because the compound is often used in toothpaste. Studies show that sodium lauryl sulfate is a harmful compound for oral tissues. Many people who suffer from oral mucosal diseases are largely due to the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste and the compounds they use. Sodium lauryl sulfate will definitely aggravate oral mucosal diseases.

Studies show that the destructive effects of sodium lauryl sulfate on proteins in the oral mucosa increase the incidence of pests. Other studies suggest that people with hypothyroidism should avoid smoking and use toothpaste that contains sodium lauryl sulfate.


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