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Acrylic Acid


General information about Acrylic Acid

Acrylic Acid is a colorless substance with an acidic smell that is used in various fields. This product is widely used for the production of plastic, in the formulation of paints, and other products. This acid has a pH of about 3. This pH can add the corrosive properties of metals to this acid. This chemical substance is also known by other names. This product can be combined with water, alcohol, ether, benzene, and acetone, and these unique features have made the fields of use of this product very wide. Due to its unique chemical structure, Acrylic Acid can easily combine with large chain compounds and polymers and be used to make various products. We are going to tell you more about the unique features of this product, so stay with us.

 Usage of Acrylic Acid

This product has many uses in various industries. Acrylic Acid is used to produce many chemical products in chemical industries. In the printing industry, this product can be used as leather paper covers. In manufacturing industries, this product can be used to prepare diapers and feminine hygiene products. In general, this chemical is a very widely used product that is used in the production of various products. This product can be widely used in the consumer industries and chemical industries.

chemical industries used to produce many chemical products
printing industry used as leather paper covers
manufacturing industries used to prepare diapers and feminine hygiene products


Usage of Acrylic Acid

 Technical data sheet & Chemical Formula

Acrylic Acid is a colorless and transparent liquid that has a unique chemical structure. This product is known by its chemical formula C3H4O2. This substance can be dissolved in water and is known as the corrosive of most metals such as steel, copper, silver, etc.  But this product can be stored in stainless steel because this acid cannot damage this type of steel. In addition to water, this acid can be dissolved in ethanol, acetic acid, and ether and can be used in wider fields.


Due to its unique chemical structure, this acid can react with a large number of organic and inorganic compounds and have different outputs. It is precisely because of this feature that this product is currently used to produce many other different chemicals. This acid is a relatively dangerous substance, that is why various safety factors must be taken into account for working with it. This liquid product is flammable, reactive, and relatively volatile, so it must be stored in special conditions to preserve all its unique properties.


Chemical formula C3H4O2
Molar mass 72.06 g/mol
Density 1.05 g/cm³
Boiling point 141 °C
Classification Organic compound

How is the packing of Acrylic Acid?

Acrylic Acid can be stored in stainless steel containers and barrels or aluminum and plastic tanks. Because this product is corrosive to metals, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety points when storing it to use the appropriate packaging for storing this product. Stainless steel and plastic are two of the best options that can be used to store this product. Acrylic Acid is a sensitive product and should not be exposed to high heat and sunlight. This product should be stored in a dry and cool place. You can usually get this product in barrels of several hundred liters or buy them in larger tankers and use them.

How is packing of Acrylic Acid?

How is the packing of Acrylic Acid?

Safety & warning & transportation

Acrylic Acid has toxic and flammable vapors, so it must be stored in special conditions. The contact of this chemical substance with the skin of the body can cause damage to the skin. Working on an industrial scale with this product requires the use of masks, gloves, and special clothes. This product is very dangerous for nature and should not enter nature under any circumstances. The storage of this product should be in a dry and cool warehouse away from different types of flammable factors.


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