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General information about geomembrane

Geomembrane, or in other words, polymer sheet, is known as resistant insulation made of polyethylene. Due to its unique features such as softness, high flexibility, and insulating properties, this insulation is usually used for various purposes. Unlike other insulations, you won’t need to build a foundation using polymer sheets, and you can achieve your goals only by using this product. In general, geomembrane is known as very amazing insulation that has 100% impermeability and nothing can pass through it. This product is used in various fields and this has made this product known as a widely used chemical insulation.


Usage of geomembrane

Geomembrane or polymer sheet is used in many different fields due to its unique features, i.e. high durability and extraordinary impermeability. Let us talk more about the usage of this product. In the agricultural industry, this product is used to insulate water collection pools, as well as prepare irrigation channels. Due to its insulating property, using this product, water wastage in agriculture is reduced to a great extent. In protecting the nature, this product can prevent pollution from entering underground water. In general, the use of this product prevents environmental pollution and does not allow urban industrial wastewater to find its way into nature.


In civil engineering and urban development, polymer sheets can be used to insulate tunnels and dams. Geomembrane is an amazing product that was first produced in 1930. This product is produced under very high pressure and temperature, and this has caused its resistance to increase. The polyethylene used in this product has a very high density, and this has made the polymer sheet have good mechanical resistance.


agricultural industry used to insulate water collection pools, as well as prepare irrigation channels
protecting the nature can prevent pollution from entering underground water
civil engineering and urban development insulate tunnels and dams



Usage of Geomembrane


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

In general, there is no specific formulation for geomembrane. This product is made using different types of raw materials and cannot be attributed to a specific formula. Polymer sheets are usually produced from high-density polyethylene. Polymer sheet is produced from about 97% heavy polyethylene, 2.5% carbon black, and also 0.5% antioxidant. Also, these products can reach consumers in different thicknesses. Geomembrane shows very good resistance against various weather factors as well as ultraviolet rays. Also, polymer sheets are resistant to chemicals such as acids and salts, and this has made their use in industries much wider. The method of installing and implementing different types of polymer sheets is also very fast and easy, and these products can be installed at the lowest costs.

about 97% heavy polyethylene, 2.5% carbon black, and also 0.5% antioxidant chemical Formula
-40 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius heat resistance
sheets form
ultraviolet rays of the sun,

weeds, rodents, bacteria, algae,

acids, bases and salts

overall resistance



How is packing of geomembrane?

Different types of geomembrane sheets, as their names suggest, enter the market in sheets. These products are available to customers in various thicknesses, and according to the field of use, you can buy these products with different thicknesses. These sheets are available in thicknesses of 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, 1.5 mm, and 2 mm. These sheets are produced uniformly and with different lengths. Polymer sheets with different thicknesses are wrapped around an axis and delivered to customers in a cylindrical form. You can perform insulation operations easily and as quickly as possible by using different types of these products.



How is packing of Geomembrane


Safety & warning & transportation

Geomembrane is a very resistant product, but it is better that you pay attention to various factors when storing and transporting it. For example, it is better to move these products using safety devices and be careful not to tear any of these sheets. Holes or tears in these sheets can make them completely useless because the main purpose of these products is insulation. To avoid wasting money and time, pay attention to such factors when moving or storing this product so that you can use this product with minimal losses.



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