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LDPE Injection




General information about LDPE Injection

LDPE Injection, as its name suggests, is a product that is usually used to make plastic injection products. Due to its useful properties and versatility, this product is one of the most widely used raw materials in making different types of products. Low-density polyethylene Injection has many uses for the production of containers, bottles, pipes, laboratory equipment, etc. low-density polyethylene Injection has a relatively low molecular mass and is a light product in terms of molecular structure. This chemical substance has a relatively simple structure, but in addition to having a simple structure, it shows great resistance against environmental factors such as humidity and chemical agents, etc. Stay with us for more information about this product.


Usage of LDPE Injection

LDPE Injection is used in everyday use to produce different types of low-density plastic bags. Plastic bags that are very light in weight and have low tensile strength; are a clear example of products produced from low-density polyethylene Injection. In manufacturing industries, this product is used to produce different types of pipes, laboratory equipment, and containers. In the packaging industry, this product is also used to produce different types of bottles. Many beverage bottles, detergent bottles, chemicals, etc. are produced from low-density polyethylene Injection.

everyday use use to produce different types of low-density plastic bags
manufacturing industries used to produce different types of pipes, laboratory equipment, and containers
packaging industry used to produce different types of bottles. Many beverage bottles, detergent bottles, chemicals, etc.


Usage of LDPE Injection


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

LDPE Injection, like other light polyethylenes, is known by the chemical formula –(CH2-CH2)n–. This polyethylene has unique physical and chemical properties, and this has made the fields of its use very wide. These products have high chemical stability and are very resistant to moisture due to the lack of water absorption.  Most of the different types of polyethylene have chemical properties similar to paraffin. This product dissolves in aromatic hydrocarbons and loses its chemical properties if exposed to sunlight for a long time. Due to the lightness of this type of polyethylene, the products produced from it are very flexible.


Chemical formula –(CH2-CH2)n
Appearance Solid(Pellets)
pH Not available
Initial Boiling Point/Boiling Ranges > 85 ℃
Autoignition temperature 349℃
Molecular weight (-CH2-CH2-)1100-3500 / 31,000-100,000g/mol



How is packing of LDPE Injection?

LDPE Injection is usually produced in granular form. The production of this product in granular form has made the process of packing and carrying it very easy. In addition, the granular state of the products can help you to use more accurate sizes of it to make various products. Besides, polyethylene granules melt in a relatively shorter time compared to other forms of this material, and they can be easily combined with various raw materials.  However, if you also need low-density polyethylene Injection, you can get this product in small 25 kg packages. Of course, if you need these products in bulk, you can get the product in larger and more voluminous packages and use them. These products are usually packed in plastic or paper bags to prevent the passage of environmental factors into them.

LDPE Injection

How is packing of LDPE Injection?


Safety & warning & transportation

LDPE Injection, just like other different grades of polyethylene, has relatively high chemical resistance. This means that chemical factors cannot easily affect the quality of this material. In addition to this, low-density polyethylene Injection is also very resistant to moisture, but it is better to keep this product away from various impurities such as moisture and dust. Keeping this product away from environmental factors can maintain its quality and purity of this product. Also, low-density polyethylene Injection has a very low resistance to direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays. These two factors can cause chemical and physical changes in LDPE Injection. This issue can greatly overshadow the quality of the product. So, to store and transport this product, consider a safe environment away from sunlight and ultraviolet rays. In addition, this product should be kept away from heat. It is better to use special clothes and respiratory protective masks to work with this material so that there is no problem for the workers.






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