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Polypropylene Film



General information about PP Film

PP Film is one of the types of plastics that are widely used in the packaging industry.  This material is created by the polymerization of polypropylene, and this has made it have amazing and unique properties. This product has an irregular molecular structure, but at the same time, it has a high molecular weight. Polypropylene Film is a thermoplastic polymer that has wide applications in different industries. This product is used in packaging, textile, medicine, construction, etc. industries. This product is very resistant to chemical factors. In this article, we are going to talk completely about PP Film. Stay with us for more information about this product.


Usage of PP Film

As we told you before, PP Film is used in various industries. But the main use of this product is summarized in the packaging industry. In general, polypropylene Film can be used as a resistant and suitable packaging for various products due to its transparency. It does not matter if the products are food products or are intended to be used in applied industries. Polypropylene Film is practical and suitable for packaging any type of product in any field. In manufacturing industries, this product can be used in the production of different plastic parts. The word «Film» refers to products that are produced in the form of shiny, transparent, and thin plastics which are produced at the appropriate temperature, pressure, and tension. So, in general, PP Film is a product with the same characteristics as other types of Films.


packaging industry polypropylene Film can be used as a resistant and suitable packaging for various products due to its transparency
manufacturing industries this product can be used in the production of different plastic parts


Usage of PP Film


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

PP Film ( chemical formula: (C3H6)n ) is known as recyclable plastic. That is, it can return to the production cycle after use and be used in various fields.  Polypropylene Film has unique features that each of these features could somehow strengthen the foothold of this product in various industries. For example, low cost in production, high tensile strength, proper transparency, being colorless, resistance to chemical factors, suitable hardness, insulation, excellent molding properties, etc. are among those factors that are known as the characteristics of polypropylene film.


Chemical formula (C3H6)n
Form Solid Granules
Melting point/Melting range 130-170°C
Solubility in / Miscibility with Water Insoluble
Color Translucent to White



How is packing of PP Film?

PP Film is produced in the form of transparent granules.  But in many cases, this product may be sold in the form of transparent and thin nylon plastics. We told you earlier that the widest field of use of polypropylene Film includes the packaging of various products. For this reason, instead of providing a granular form of this product, many service providers usually go for processed types of this product so that they can go through the packaging process faster. You can get the granular form of this material in 25 kg packages and use them in your desired field.  In addition to this, the processed and nylon version of this product is also available in different metric sizes.

Polypropylene Film

How is packing of PP Film?


Safety & warning & transportation

PP Film is a unique chemical product, so it must be stored in special conditions. To preserve the unique properties of this product, it is better to keep it in a dark, cool place, away from pollution. In addition, it is better to store this product in a place with proper ventilation. This polymer is one of those polymers that catch fire easily. Therefore, you should completely remove the fire-causing factors from the storage area of ​​this product. To work with this product in mass fields, special covers and masks must be used. To move this product, it is better to use containers that provide a safe situation.



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