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polypropylene – What is polypropylene?


General information about polypropylene

In this context, we want to talk to you about one of the most famous and useful polymers in various industries, i.e. polypropylene. After polyethylene, polypropylene is known as one of the most widely used and most consumed polymers in the world. This product is a thermoplastic polymer that is used in various fields and industries. The molecular structure of this material is asymmetric and this has caused this product to be produced in different grades. This product was produced in the laboratory for the first time in the 1950s and was released to the market after passing various tests. This chemical is a non-toxic and odorless product that is very hard and resistant in addition to being light. If this product is produced in low thickness, it is resistant to bending and does not break. Compared to other polymers, this polymer has a cheap price and can reduce the price of production in various industries.


Usage of polypropylene

We told you before that polyethylene, polypropylene is known as one of the most widely used plastics in different industries. Now let’s explore together the uses of this amazing chemical. This polymer is used for injection molding in the production of various types of electrical appliances, toys, household appliances, car parts, etc. In addition, this chemical substance is widely used in textile and fiber industries. Polypropylene is also used to make different types of pipes, and it is also widely used in inflatable molds. Also, this chemical substance is used for food packaging as well as in the field of laboratory equipment. In general, this polymer is one of the most popular and widely used polymers.


Injected polypropylene is used to produce different types of electricals, packaging industries, medical devices, the automotive industry, etc.


This product is used in the textile industry and it is used to produce rope, curtain fabrics, sanitary fabrics, bandages, etc.


inflatable types of this polymer are used to produce tanks, bottles, and cans for storing chemicals. Inflatable
Polypropylene film is used to design and produce graphic films and the printing industry Film
Pipe polymer is widely used for the production of water and sewage pipes.


The types of coating and protection of this polymer, as their name suggests, are widely used for wire and cable coating. Coating and protection


Usage of polypropylene

Usage of polypropylene


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

Polypropylene is known by its chemical formula –CH2-CH(CH3)n–. This product is classified into six different groups according to the fields of use. Each of the categories of this product has its special use in various industries and they are used according to their unique features.


chemical Formula –CH2-CH(CH3)n–
Form Solid Granules
Color White
Odour Odourless
Melting range 130-170°C
pH (Value) Not Applicable
Autoignition temperature > 400°C
Solubility in Water Insoluble



How is packing of polypropylene?

Polypropylene, like other solid polymers, is usually packaged in plastic bags. These packages are sold in various weights and you can buy and use different packages of this product according to your needs. In addition to protecting the product, these packages prevent moisture from entering the package and maintain the quality of the product.





Safety & warning & transportation

Polypropylene is a relatively resistant material. But in any case, it is better that you pay attention to various factors to maintain it and move it.  It is better to use safe containers and trucks to transport this chemical.  For example, the arrangement of the packaging of this polymer should be such that the polypropylene packages are prevented from spilling or overturning during transportation. In addition, no impact should be made on the packaging of this chemical during transportation. In general, this chemical has little resistance to direct sunlight and flame. So pay attention to these points when moving and maintaining this product.


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