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PP Filament Grade


General information about PP Filament Grade

Polypropylene Filament Grade is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that has unique properties. PP Filament Grade has a very high chemical resistance, and this has made it not react with different types of chemical solutions. PP Filament Grade is usually produced in two colors, black and white, but various pigments can be added to it for different uses. This chemical substance is produced in various forms, which has made it easier to use this chemical substance. In addition, polypropylene Filament Grade has a very high resistance to corrosion, which means that high humidity or chemical environments cannot have much effect on the quality of this product. In addition, this substance is non-toxic and will not pose a risk to the surrounding environment or workers who work with this substance. This material has high weldability and is a very suitable option for construction activities.



Usage of PP Filament Grade

Polypropylene Filament Grade has a much more affordable price compared to other grades of this polymer. These fibers are used to produce different types of products. Let’s talk more about the areas of use of this product. In the textile industry, these fibers are used to produce yarn. Threads used in the production of carpets or threads for various floor coverings are among the products produced from polypropylene Filament Grade. In the fishing industry, this material is used to produce fishing nets, fishing ropes, etc.  In the agricultural industry, PP Filament Grade is used to produce agricultural yarn and greenhouse yarn. In the construction industry, this material is used to control cracks in concrete, repair concrete, and water tanks, build silos, precast concrete, etc. In general, this chemical is a suitable option for the production of products that must show resistance to moisture and chemicals.

textile industry yarn, carpets or threads for various floor coverings
fishing industry fishing nets, fishing ropes, etc
agricultural industry agricultural yarn and greenhouse yarn
construction industry control cracks in concrete, repair concrete, and water tanks, build silos, precast concrete, etc


PP Filament Grade
PP Filament Grade


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

PP Filament Grade is known by the formula (C3H6)n.  Among the amazing properties of this chemical, we can mention abrasion resistance, transparency, resistance to chemicals, high tensile strength, hypoallergenic, moisture-proof, and affordable price. This chemical has many amazing properties. These features have made the fields of use of this product very wide. For example, by using polypropylene Filament Grade, the cohesion and adhesion properties of concrete can be increased to a great extent. So these fibers are widely used not only in the consumption industries but also in the construction industry and can increase the security of the structure to a great extent.

Chemical Formula (C3H6)n
Density 0.855 g/cm3
Melting point 130 to 171 °C (266 to 340 °F; 403 to 444 K)
Form Solid yarn
Color white




How is packing of PP Filament Grade?

PP Filament Grade, just like other polymers, comes in different packages. Usually, polypropylene Filament Grade comes to market in plastic bags that prevent the effect of moisture. This material is indeed resistant to moisture, but to maintain the quality of the materials produced from PP Filament Grade, this product should reach the producers in suitable and waterproof packages. In this situation, companies can produce the product they need with high quality without any special impurity.


Polypropylene Filament Grade
Polypropylene Filament Grade


Safety & warning & transportation

Perhaps PP Filament Grade is a very moisture-resistant and strong material, but this material also has its weaknesses. Polypropylene Filament Grade has a relatively low melting temperature and melts faster compared to other fibers. This issue has caused the fields of use of this product to be very limited. In addition to this, this material reacts to heat and light, and these two factors can increase the oxidation process in PP Filament Grade. For this reason, to store this product, you must choose a cool place away from sunlight. In addition, it is better to pay attention to the tips we mentioned in this paragraph for moving and transporting Polypropylene Filament Grade.


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