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PP Homopolymer


General information about PP Homopolymer

Polypropylene is known as one of the most useful plastics in various industries, which was first produced in the 1950s. Currently, different types of this product are available in the market, and each of these products is used in certain fields according to their unique features. One of the largest and most widely used grades of this product is PP Homopolymer. Homopolymer is known as a semi-crystalline solid that has very wide fields of use. This product has a two-phase system.  Homopolymers have a wide range of melting points and this has caused this category to have different grades. Anyway, if you also want to learn more about this polypropylene grade, stay with us.


Usage of PP Homopolymer

PP Homopolymer is used in various fields due to its unique features. In manufacturing industries, this product has wide uses for the production of electrical and electronic devices. In the textile and fiber industries, this product can be used to produce threads as well as various fibers. Polypropylene Homopolymer is used as a safe material in the food packaging industry. In general, this product has unique features, and compared to other polypropylene grades, it has good chemical resistance and is known as the safest type of polypropylene.


manufacturing industries this product has wide uses for the production of electrical and electronic devices
textile and fiber industries this product can be used to produce threads as well as various fibers
food packaging industry used as a safe material for packing


Usage of PP Homopolymer


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

PP Homopolymer is known with the chemical formula (C3H6)n.  Among the different types of polypropylene grades, the chemical formula does not make a difference; It is the production process, temperature, and pressure that ultimately makes the final products have their unique characteristics. Environmental factors such as temperature and pressure are factors that make Homopolymer Copolymer or other grades of polyethylene. Polypropylene Homopolymer has a higher strength-to-weight ratio and is therefore stronger than Copolymer. Compared to other polypropylene grades, this product has excellent chemical resistance and weldability. In addition, this product is very strong and has excellent processing capability. One of the most important and effective features of PP Homopolymer is the non-toxicity of this product. This issue has caused the contact of this product with food does not pose any danger to the human body, and for this reason, this polypropylene is one of the safest products that is used to produce packaging containers for food products. In addition, this product is very resistant to corrosion.


Chemical formula (C3H6)n
Form Solid Granules
Melting point/Melting range 130-170°C
Flash point > 300o C
Solubility in / Miscibility with Water Insoluble



How is packing of PP Homopolymer?

PP Homopolymer is produced in granular form just like other types of polymers.  In general, polypropylenes are more transparent compared to other polymers, for example, polyethylenes. The granular state of these products has made the process of using and packaging this product very easy. You can get packages of this product in weights of 25 kg produced by various manufacturers and use it in your desired field. Of course, this product is not limited to a 25 kg package. You can get polypropylene Homopolymer in larger packages.

How is packing of PP Homopolymer?

How is packing of PP Homopolymer?


Safety & warning & transportation

In general, PP Homopolymer is not a dangerous and sensitive product. We told you earlier that this product shows good resistance against environmental factors or various chemical factors, and this has made the process of maintaining and storing this product very easy and low-cost. You can choose a clean and well-ventilated place to store the product and keep this product in this environment for a long time.


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