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SAP – what is SAP

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General information about SAP

Super absorbent polymer or SAP in short is a polymer product. The main feature of this product is that it can absorb water up to several hundred times its weight and keep it for a long time. The appearance of this product is similar to grains of sugar or salt. Super absorbent polymer is a dry and moisture-free product that can absorb any type of water-based liquid and keep it in itself. For this reason, the superabsorbent is usually known as a hydrophilic polymer. This product is used in various fields, but the biggest use of SAP is in the agricultural sector. This product can help to improve the cultivation of crops in the field of agriculture in dry and water-scarce countries along with saving water consumption.

Usage of SAP

Uses of SAP are infinite. The most important and effective use of Super absorbent polymer is indeed agriculture, but it is not the only one. Let’s talk more about the uses of this product. In the field of agriculture, SAP can make the irrigation process easier by adding them to the plant during planting. In addition, with the use of this product, sunlight and air heat cannot have much effect on the need for more irrigation. In health fields, super absorbent can be used to produce different types of diapers. Due to the power of absorbing water, using super absorbent to produce sanitary diapers can increase the quality of these products to a great extent. In other industries, super absorbent can be used as a dehumidifier. For example, it is usually used to remove moisture from coal.

SAP can make the irrigation process easier agriculture
produce different types of diapers health fields
as a dehumidifier other industries

Usage of SAP

Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of SAP is (C3H3NaO2)n. Super absorbent polymer has unique features and due to these features, it is used in various fields. Features such as high water absorption capacity, long-term water retention, non-toxicity, no change in exposure to various liquids, and the possibility of continuous use in agriculture have made this product known as one of the most widely used and best products. Considering the wide use of super absorbent in agriculture, let us talk a little more about how this polymer works in agriculture.

If the superabsorbent is used properly when planting the plant, it can play its role many times. This product has a very high speed of water absorption, which minimizes water wastage. In addition to this, SAP does not harm the soil and its compounds in any way, and this makes the agricultural soil not change in the future. Super absorbent polymer can even increase the strength of the soil and make the crops planted in the soil grow with better quality. Besides being chemical, Super absorbent polymer is known as one of the most widely used products in agriculture and the cultivation of natural products.

chemical formula (C3H3NaO2)n
form solid
main feature absorb water up to several hundred times its weight
color white
Water less than 10% by weight

SAP - what is SAP
How is packing of SAP?

SAP is sold in plastic packages with different volumes. This product is not sensitive, but to maintain its quality, it is better to store it in a dry environment. The plastic packaging of this product prevents moisture from entering the packaging and lets the Super absorbent polymer maintain its original quality.


Safety & warning & transportation

In general, SAP is a chemical product that you need to pay attention to various factors for storage and transportation. For example, you should store this product in a dry and cool place and preferably not expose it to sunlight. In addition, try not to place this product next to other chemicals and make sure to periodically check the place where the Super absorbent polymer is stored to make sure there are no disturbing factors in that place. Also, try to choose a dry place to store these products because humidity can greatly reduce the quality of Super absorbent polymer. Try to separate the damaged packages from other packages.


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