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HDPE Blow Mold



General information about HDPE Blow Mold

High-density polyethylene Blow Mold or abbreviated HDPE Blow Mold is currently known as the most widely used and common plastic material in the world. In general, this chemical substance is used widely due to its unique characteristics such as resistance to cracking, high heat, and other environmental factors. High-density polyethylene Blow Mold is produced in both granular and powder form. According to the field of use of this product, you can buy different forms of this product, i.e. granular type or powder type. This type of polyethylene has many advantages such as versatility, low weight, high resistance, long life, and also resistance to weather factors. Compared to other types of polyethylene, high-density polyethylene Blow Mold is almost versatile. For this reason, in almost every industry where the need for plastic is felt, high-density polyethylene Blow Mold is used in that particular industry.


Usage of HDPE Blow Mold

We told you earlier that HDPE Blow Mold is a material that is used in almost all packaging industries. Due to its unique characteristics, high resistance to chemical impact, rot, mold, moisture, excellent malleability, and good flexibility, high-density polyethylene Blow Mold is used for making different toys, piping systems, chemical containers, food packaging containers, cosmetic bottles, plastic bags, etc. In addition, HDPE Blow Mold can be used to produce household and industrial containers, as well as tanks for fuel, water, and other chemicals. This product has different grades, and each of these grades can enter the market in different colors.  High-density polyethylene Blow Mold usually enters the market in a completely transparent form, and manufacturers can add pigments to polyethylene according to their wishes and use it for various products.


chemical containers, food packaging containers, cosmetic bottles, plastic bags, etc packaging industries
toys, piping systems, tanks for fuel, water, and other chemicals Production industries
household and industrial containers Containers


HDPE Blow Mold
HDPE Blow Mold


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

HDPE Blow Mold is known by the formula (C2H4)n. This polyethylene is known as one of the best and most recyclable polyethylene. Considering that plastic is known as one of the environmental hazards and can cause environmental pollution to a great extent, the use of plastic materials such as high-density polyethylene Blow Mold can reduce the amount of damage to the environment. High-density polyethylene Blow Mold is one of those plastics that can easily return to the production cycle and be used again after recycling. This will prevent environmental pollution. In addition, returning high-density polyethylene Blow Mold to the production cycle can lower the costs required to purchase this product, making it a very cost-effective material.  Note that recycled HDPE Blow Mold cannot be used for food packaging and beverage bottles and is only suitable for industrial use.


chemical Formula (C2H4)n
Melting point 130.8 °C.
Crystallinity 60%
Heat capacity 1330 to 2400 J/kg-K
Density 940 kg/m3




How is packing of HDPE Blow Mold?

We told you earlier that HDPE Blow Mold is usually produced in two forms: granules and powder. Depending on the field of use, different types of this product are usually used. Note that the high-density polyethylene Blow Mold packaging is determined by the factory and the manufacturing company.  But most of the different types of this product enter the market in packaging and plastic bags. Because high-density polyethylene Blow Mold is a resistant chemical, environmental factors cannot easily have destructive effects on these products.

high-density polyethylene Blow Mold
high-density polyethylene Blow Mold


Safety & warning & transportation

HDPE Blow Mold is a chemical substance that is not as dangerous as chemical solutions. The granular types of this material can be moved and stored easily without any problems, but the powder types of this material are a little more sensitive and should be handled and maintained with great care and attention. In general, it is better to consider a dry, dark and safe place for transporting and storing your pneumatic heavy granules. Note that these products should not be exposed to high temperatures and direct flames.


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