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HDPE Raffia




General information about HDPE Raffia

High-density polyethylene raffia or HDPE Raffia is another product that is produced from crude oil. This material is one of the subgroups of thermoplastics, which is widely used in various industries. High-density polyethylene raffia is used as one of the most popular products in the fields of greenhouse agriculture as well as industry. Due to the high concentration or density of the constituent molecules in HDPE Raffia, this material is very durable and strong, and it can be used easily and without any problems in various fields. Its strength has made environmental factors unable to have many destructive effects on this chemical substance.

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Usage of HDPE Raffia

HDPE Raffia is one of the most widely used products in various fields.  This product is usually used to produce industrial packaging.  For example, the production of cement sacks, as well as the packaging of agricultural products, are among the uses of this chemical. In addition, high-density polyethylene raffia is used to produce shade nets, multi-layer plastic bags, greenhouse strings, etc. In general, different types of polyethylene are produced with different purity percentages, and this high diversity in density makes them be used in various fields according to the characteristics of each product. For example, low-density polyethylene can be easily formed due to its relatively high flexibility. On the other hand, high-density polyethylene such as HDPE Raffia can have very high strength and can be a very suitable option in different fields such as packaging. In general, mass and molecular weight are among those factors that can affect the main properties of high-density polyethylene raffia.


agriculture packaging of agricultural products, greenhouse strings, fishing Nets, insect screens, ropes
Consumer industries multi-layer plastic bags, packing straps, woven sacks for fertilizer.



Usage of HDPE Raffia


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The main formula of HDPE Raffia is (C2h4)N. The grade of raffia must be determined according to the context of use. For example, to use high-density polyethylene raffia for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, etc., a special grade must be determined for this product. On the other hand, there is no need to have many sensitivities on the grade of this product for the packaging of construction and industrial materials.  However, manufacturers try to use a suitable grade for using this chemical based on the available data.

chemical Formula (C2h4)N
Tensile Strength at Yield 34.5 / 37.5
Ultimate Tensile Strength 50 / 45
Elongation at Break 900 / 950
Tear Strength 0.6 / 1.7




How is packing of HDPE Raffia

To maintain HDPE Raffia, it is necessary to pay attention to various points. In general, this material shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.  Because sunlight can reduce the quality of the product to a great extent. In addition, it is better that the storage area of ​​this product is dry and also free from any contamination. In general, by using high-quality and resistant packaging, the quality of this product can be prevented. Paying attention to these points can help you to bring this product to the market with less damage. The storage temperature of this product should not be more than 50 degrees because this can lower the quality of the product to a great extent.

How is packing of HDPE Raffia
How is packing of HDPE Raffia


Safety & warning & transportation

In general, HDPE Raffia is a material that is produced from oil. This is the reason why this substance has a little flammability. So it is better to pay attention to the safety points when storing or carrying it so that no problem occurs in this field. You should research the features of the desired product before transporting it so that you can go through the transportation and storage process more easily and without any problems. Each of these products has unique characteristics due to its concentration, production method, etc., and must be stored and transported according to certain points.

HDPE Raffia
HDPE Raffia


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