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General information about HDPE

HDPE, or in other words, high-density polyethylene, is a type of thermoplastic that has unique characteristics. High-density polyethylene has good strength and resistance and can show great resistance against impact, chemicals, excessive heat, sunlight, etc. This issue has made this material widely used in various industries in today’s world. The molecular chains in this type of polymer are very compact. This has caused its density to increase. Pay attention to the fact that the compression of these molecules has caused the flexibility of high-density polyethylene to decrease; But on the other hand, it has increased its resistance to chemicals to a great extent. This issue has caused this material to be used for various purposes. It is important to mention that this material is produced from oil and 1 kilogram of high-density polyethylene can be produced and used from about 1.75 kilograms of crude oil. In addition, this chemical can be recycled and can be easily returned to the production cycle.

General information about HDPE


Usage of HDPE

After talking about the general features of HDPE, let’s talk about the usage of this chemical. The fields of using this chemical are very wide and countless, but in general, high-density polyethylene is used to produce different types of plastic bottles, chemical containers, pipes, and different types of toys. This chemical has very good molding and it can be easily shaped with advanced devices and various containers can be produced from it. In addition, due to the high resistance of these materials against various types of environmental and chemical factors, using them to store corrosive chemicals and also urban industrial sewage pipes is a very suitable option.


food and beverage containers Plastic bottles
storing shampoo, conditioners, household cleaning products, engine oil, etc. Chemical container
HDPE pipe Tubes
Useful for producing any type of toys toys



Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

It is good to know that it was in 1939 that HDPE was first commercially mass-produced and used in England. The chemical formula of this substance after polymerization is CH2=CH2 which has given unique properties to this chemical substance. Different methods are used to produce this chemical. Each of these methods has its unique features and can ultimately produce high-density polyethylene with a different amount of cost, energy, and time. Fortunately, due to the advancement of science and technology, it is now possible to produce different types of polyethylene with different purity percentages and use them in various fields.  Heavy polyethylene is the thickest type of polyethylene, which is also the most resistant. Usually, this material is homogeneous, pure, and slightly opaque in its raw material state. This material is a colorless material, but if needed, various colors can be added to it. Currently, HDPE can be used in white, red, blue, black, green, etc.


almost crystalline solid physical condition
solid physical form
colorless Color
odorless smell
unsolvable water solubility
349 degrees Celsius Self-ignition temperature
Zero steam pressure


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula



Packing and photo of HDPE

In general, high-density polyethylene is not a chemical and sensitive material, and it can be easily placed in any type of packaging and transported. Usually, large plastic bags are used to pack this chemical so that these materials can be easily moved. In addition, heavy polyethylene is produced in granular form and in small pieces, which makes it necessary to use sealed containers for its packaging. In this situation, it is the best option to use different types of plastic packaging that have good flexibility. In addition, these packages can prevent the passage of moisture and damage to high-density polyethylene.

Packing and photo of HDPE


Safety & warning & transportation

We told you earlier that HDPE is not a dangerous and uncontrollable material, that’s why there are no special safety tips for its transportation, storage, and transportation. This type of polyethylene is very resistant to moisture, chemicals, and heat, and these factors cannot have destructive effects on this chemical. For this reason, high-density polyethylene can be moved and reach its destination with minimal trouble and without the need for special security points. This issue has caused the cost of transporting this chemical to be relatively low and affordable.


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