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LLDPE Rotomoulding




General information about LLDPE Rotomoulding

Liner Low-Density Polyethylene Rotomoulding or LLDPE Rotomoulding is one of the most widely used types of polyethylene, which is used to produce various products. These types of polyethylenes are injection polyethylenes that are used to produce products with a Rotational Molding machine. This machine is widely used for the production of various types of hollow plastic parts. Compared to other injection molding methods, the Rotomoulding method is a higher quality and more economical method. This issue has caused this method to be used in various fields to make different types of plastic parts. It doesn’t matter if the plastic parts are going to be used for large devices or if this method is used to produce plastic bottles, in any case, this method is the best and highest quality method that can be used for molding and making different types of polymer parts. If you are also curious to know more about the production method of this chemical, follow us.


Usage of LLDPE Rotomoulding

As we have explained to you before, LLDPE Rotomoulding is used to produce hollow plastics.  For example, in the construction industry, this product is used to produce different types of pipes. In the packaging industry, this product can be used to produce laboratory equipment, plastic bottles, etc. In more specialized industries, Rotomoulding linear light polyethylene can be used for computer hardware packages. An important point that is necessary to pay attention to is that the fields of use of this product are not limited to the ones we have said. Liner Low-Density Polyethylene Rotomoulding also has wide usage to cover channels, tanks, pools, device parts, etc.


construction industry used to produce different types of pipes
packaging industry used to produce laboratory equipment, plastic bottles, etc.
more specialized industries used for computer hardware packages


Usage of LLDPE Rotomoulding


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

LLDPE Rotomoulding has the same characteristics as other polyethylenes. This chemical substance is known by the formula (C2H4)n. This type of polyethylene has very good compressibility and flexibility, and for this reason, it is the best option for injection in various formats. This product shows very good resistance against impact, weather conditions, chemical factors, humidity, etc., which makes the products made from this chemical last very well. In addition, this product can be recycled and reused. This makes environmental pollution by plastics to be minimized. In general, compared to the cost of buying Liner Low-Density Polyethylene Rotomoulding, the uses of this product are countless.


Chemical Formula (C2H4)n
Melt Index (190°C/2.16kg) 3.5 g/10min
Nominal density 0.939 g/cm3
Tensile strength at yield 19 MPa
Tensile strength at break 25 MPa
Flexural modulus 800 MPa



How is packing of LLDPE Rotomoulding?

LLDPE Rotomoulding usually reaches consumers in two forms, granular and powder. You can buy any type of this product you want and use it in your desired field. Both powder and granule types of this product usually enter the market in 25 kg packages. You can get these products in 25 kg packages and use them in your desired field. Of course, you can get this product in high volume and bulk too.

LLDPE Rotomoulding

How is packing of LLDPE Rotomoulding?


Safety & warning & transportation

According to the points we said regarding the high resistance of LLDPE Rotomoulding, you probably all realized that this product does not require special conditions for storage. This means that you can store this product in a normal environment without the need to use different types of devices and equipment. Of course, to preserve the quality of this product, it is better to consider a dark and cool environment to store this product because sunlight or heat may have destructive effects on the quality of this product.




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