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LLDPE Metallocene




General information about LLDPE Metallocene

Liner Low-Density Polyethylene Metallocene or LLDPE Metallocene is known as one of the most widely used types of polyethylene. In general, the basis of all types of polyethylene is the same, but by changing the temperature, pressure, etc., polymers with different properties can be made. In general, linear polymers, including Liner Low-Density Polyethylene Metallocene, have high-temperature stability and also show resistance against moisture. This issue has caused this product to have unique features and be used in various industries. LLDPE Metallocene is a product that is classified in the group of thermoplastics. As its name suggests, this product is obtained through a process using a metallocene catalyst, and this is the reason why this product has unique features. Stay with us till the end for more information about this chemical.


Usage of LLDPE Metallocene

LLDPE Metallocene is one of those products that is used in various fields due to its lightweight and acceptable strength. In consumer industries, this product is used to produce various types of containers, bottles, etc. Liner Low-Density Polyethylene Metallocene is used to produce plastic bags in the packaging industry. In large industries, this product is also used to produce different types of energy transmission pipes. In general, LLDPE Metallocene plays a role in the production of a wide range of different types of polymer and chemical materials. Due to the high tensile strength of this product, the fields of use of this polymer are wider than other types of polymers.


consumer industries used to produce various types of containers, bottles, etc.
packaging industry used to produce plastic bags
large industries used to produce different types of energy transmission pipes


Usage of LLDPE Metallocene


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of LLDPE Metallocene is  (C2H4)n. This product has a relatively low molecular weight and is light. The lightness of Liner Low-Density Polyethylene Metallocene has made it easier to transport, use and move. This chemical shows very good resistance against alcohols, acids, and bases. This chemical is not soluble in water and is also a moisture insulator. In addition to this, Liner Low-Density Polyethylene Metallocene can be used to produce different types of electrical insulation.


Chemical formula (C2H4)n
Form Solid Granules
Color Translucent to White
Odor Odorless
Melting point/Melting range 115-135°C
Boiling Point (o C) Not Applicable



How is packing of LLDPE Metallocene?

LLDPE Metallocene is among those products that are produced in granular form.  The production of this product in granular form has made its packaging and use much easier. You can buy this product in 25 kg plastic or paper bags and use it in your desired field. Of course, these products are also available in larger and bulkier sizes. It is you who should determine how much of this product you need based on the field of use so that you can continue to prepare the product you need and use it.


How is packing of LLDPE Metallocene?


Safety & warning & transportation

LLDPE Metallocene is not a chemical and dangerous substance, but to maintain the quality of this product, it is better to pay attention to some factors. For example, this product should be stored away from sunlight, heat, and pollution. Such environmental factors can have very destructive effects on the final quality of the product. In addition to this topic. This product does not have much resistance to heat and it may melt due to extreme heat and lose its qualities. It is better than the temperature of the storage place of this product is not more than 50 degrees. To prevent any problems, it is better to use special clothes, masks, and gloves to work with this product on an industrial scale.






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