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General information about LLDPE

LLDPE (LLDPE) as its name suggests is one of those polymers that has a low density. Due to its unique features such as lightness and low tensile strength, linear light polyethylene is currently used in various fields. In our daily life, we are indirectly and directly connected with different types of products made of Liner Low-Density Polyethylene. For example, the plastics and nylons that we use to move products or seal some food products are all made from these products. In the continuation of this content, we intend to fully talk to you about the unique features of this product. If you are also curious about LLDPE, stay with us.


Usage of LLDPE

Earlier, we talked briefly about the uses of LLDPE. But the fields of use of this product are not limited to the mentioned ones.  In agricultural industries, this product is widely used for the production of agricultural nylons as well as greenhouse roof coverings. In the food and packaging industries, this product is used to pack different types of food and consumer products such as paper towels. In addition to this, this product is also used in other large industries to produce different types of machine parts. Due to the wide fields of use of this product, many manufacturers around the world produce Liner Low-Density Polyethylene.


agricultural industries used for the production of agricultural nylons as well as greenhouse roof coverings
food and packaging industries used to pack different types of food and consumer products such as paper towels
large industries produce different types of machine parts



Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

LLDPE is one of those products that shows good resistance to chemicals. This product is known by its chemical formula (C2H4)n, which is similar to other polyethylenes. The chemical formula does not change in different types of polyethylenes, but due to production in special conditions such as different temperatures or pressure, polyethylenes with different grades may reach consumers in the future. Due to the similar formula, almost all polyethylenes have similar characteristics.  But in some areas, they may have differences from each other. For example, LLDPE, just like other polyethylenes, is a material resistant to chemicals, moisture, and oxidizing substances. In addition, this product is a very good insulator against electricity and has a very long life.


Chemical formula (C2H4)n
Form Solid Granules
Flash point > 300o C
pH (Value) Not Applicable
Solubility in / Miscibility with Water Insoluble



How is packing of LLDPE?

LLDPE producers usually offer this product to the market in granular form. The granules of this product are usually white and transparent. But according to the production process, there may be a change in the color range of these products. The granular form of this product makes the process of packing and using it much easier. Liner Low-Density Polyethylene packages are usually marketed as 25 kg. But if you need, you can get this product in larger packages.



How is packing of LLDPE?


Safety & warning & transportation

LLDPE is usually a product resistant to various factors. This is why you don’t need to worry about how to store and transport the product. But in the case of mass storage, it is better to consider various security factors.  For example, choose a place that is away from pollution and dust.  Liner Low-Density Polyethylene is a product that can lose its unique characteristics in the face of sunlight.  Also, this product may emit toxic fumes if burned or melted. So it is better to use different types of special masks and work clothes to work with this product.




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