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Polymetallic sulfonate

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General information about Polymetallic sulfonate

Polymetallic sulfonate is known as a type of lubricant that is widely used in the construction industry. Polymetallic sulfonate, represented by the abbreviation PNS, is a brown powder. This compound is soluble in water and can be easily and quickly dissolved with water. In addition, this chemical substance can be produced with a very high percentage of purity. This product has different grades and the range of pH and acidity and alkalinity varies between 7 and 9. In some cases, this material is also produced in liquid form. However, according to the field of use, you can buy PNS in liquid or powder form and use it. Due to its amazing properties, this material is used in various and different fields, but the widest field of use of this material is construction. If you are also curious to know more about the properties of this substance, follow us.


Usage of Polymetallic sulfonate


In general, polymetallic sulfonate has applications in various fields. But as we told you before, in the construction fields and concrete preparation, this product has much wider uses. In the construction industry,

PNS release the adhesion of concrete, to prepare dry concrete and generally improves the quality of construction. In the textile industry, this product is used for tanning leather and also as a dispersant. In agricultural industries, this material can be used in the formulation of different types of pesticides. In addition, polymetallic sulfonate is used in photographic solutions, chemical cleaners, the production of pigments, etc. As we told you before, the main consumption of this chemical product is related to the fields of construction and engineering.


PNS release the adhesion of concrete, to prepare dry concrete and generally improves the quality of construction construction industry
tanning leather and also as a dispersant textile industry
used in the formulation of different types of pesticides agricultural industries
used in photographic solutions, chemical cleaners, the production of pigments, etc. other uses


Usage of Polymetallic sulfonate

Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of polymetallic sulfonate is C11H10O4S. This chemical substance is known as a polymer that can greatly increase the fluidity of concrete and prevent the separation of materials in concrete.  This product is non-toxic and non-irritating and is also non-flammable. PNS does not react with metals, and this has made its use in concrete not harm the main skeleton of the building. In addition to all these things, this product has a very affordable price and you can get it at the lowest cost and use it in your desired field. If this material is used in a correct and principled way, it can add amazing features to the manufactured product.


C11H10O4S chemical formula
liquid and solid form
7-9 ph
positive solubility in water
brown color



How is packing of Polymetallic sulfonate?

We told you earlier that polymetallic sulfonate is sold in liquid and solid form. The liquid type of this product is delivered to customers in several barrels, but in more than 90% of fields, the solid and powder type of the product is used. Because this chemical is not sensitive, there is no need for special packaging. The powder and solid types of this product are sold in plastic bags. You should buy different packages according to the required use. PNS are usually packed in 25 kg bags.

How is packing of Polymetallic sulfonate?


Safety & warning & transportation

In general, polymetallic sulfonate is not a toxic and dangerous substance, and this substance is resistant to fire. But to work with it, workers must use special gloves and pay attention to safety to  points. PNS should not come into direct contact with the skin or eyes. For this reason, special gloves should be used to work with it. In addition to this, it is better that you consider a clean place to store this product so that you can take advantage of the features of PNS.


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