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PVC Emulsion

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General information about PVC Emulsion

PVC is a very widely used product that is used in various industries. About 45 million tons of this product are produced worldwide every year.  After polyethylene and polypropylene, PVC is known as the most widely used polymer material in the world. Various methods are used to produce PVC. Each of these methods can affect the final physical and chemical properties of the material. One of these methods is the production of PVC Emulsion (Polyvinyl Chloride Emulsion), which currently accounts for 10-15% of PVC production in the world. For this reason, in the rest of this article, we are going to talk to you completely about Polyvinyl Chloride Emulsion and the features of this product. If you are curious to know more about this product and its features, we suggest you stay with us.


Usage of PVC Emulsion

PVC Emulsion is a product that consists of much smaller particles than other PVCs. The presence of emulsion material in this production method makes the unique features of this product to be formed. Polyvinyl Chloride Emulsion is used in various fields due to its unique features. In the textile industry, this product is used to produce different types of artificial leather. In the construction industry, this product can be used to produce wallpapers and other coverings. In the coating and safety industries, PVC Emulsion can also be used to make different types of gloves. However, this type of PVC, just like other types of PVC, has very good resistance and can completely maintain its unique characteristics against chemical and environmental factors.


textile industry used to produce different types of artificial leather
construction industry used to produce wallpapers and other coverings
coating and safety industries used to make different types of gloves


Usage of PVC Emulsion


Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

The chemical formula of PVC Emulsion is similar to the chemical formula of PVC, i.e. (H2C–CHCl)n. In fact, in various methods of PVC production, the structural features of this product do not change and the chemical formula of the product remains intact. But some factors, for example, temperature, pressure, production steps, etc., cause PVC to be produced with special properties. Polyvinyl Chloride Emulsion shows good resistance against bad weather conditions and some chemical products. In addition, this product is cheap, and manufacturers can get this product at the lowest cost and use it in their desired field. In addition, due to its excellent electrical properties, this product can be used as a high-quality insulator.


Chemical formula (H2C–CHCl)n
Odor Odorless
Color White
Melting point 170 °C – 200 °C
Decomposition temperature 180 °C

 How is packing of PVC Emulsion?

PVC Emulsion is among those products that are usually produced in powder form. Production of this product in the form of powder can only be sold in plastic or paper packaging. You can currently buy this product in plastic or paper packaging weighing 25 kg and use it in your desired field. Of course, there is no limit to the bulk supply of this product. You can buy this product in large quantities according to the field of use and use it in your desired field.


How is packing of PVC Emulsion?

How is packing of PVC Emulsion?


Safety & warning & transportation

PVC Emulsion is a special type of PVC that is used in so many fields. Due to the production of this product in powder form, it is better that you pay attention to various factors for moving or storing the product. For example, the packaging of this product should not be torn or opened because the powder state of this material can absorb pollution or moisture. In general, Polyvinyl Chloride Emulsion is a resistant product, but it is better to consider a clean and suitable environment when transporting or storing this product to prevent the purity of the material from decreasing.  Also, when using this product, it is better to use suitable clothes so that this chemical cannot have harmful effects on the health of workers.


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