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PP Injection Grade


PP Injection Grade

General information about PP Injection Grade

PP Injection Grade is one of the injection grades that can be easily transformed into any shape with minimal pressure. This issue has caused this product to be used in various manufacturing industries. Polypropylene Injection Grade is very lightweight and its price is also very low and affordable. This product is a thermoplastic product, whose injection grade is the best option for various moldings, as the product name suggests. PP Injection Grade has great flexibility. But in addition to high flexibility, it has good strength and excellent chemical resistance. In the continuation of this article, we are trying to fully introduce Polypropylene Injection Grade. If you are also interested in learning more about this chemical product, we suggest you stay with us.

 Usage of PP Injection Grade

PP Injection Grade has high impact resistance and can maintain its unique characteristics for a long time against chemical and environmental factors. This has caused the fields of use of this product to be very wide. In the automotive industry, this product is used to produce dashboards, consoles, batteries, bumpers, etc. In consumer industries, this product is used to produce disposable plastic containers. In medical fields, Polypropylene Injection Grade is used to produce medicine and sample bottles. In the manufacture of home appliances, this product is also used to produce carpets, toys, and accessories inside the home appliances. In general, this product has very wide uses in various industries, and this has caused many manufacturers around the world to produce Injection Grade.


automotive industry used to produce dashboards, consoles, batteries, bumpers, etc.
consumer industries used to produce disposable plastic containers
medical fields used to produce medicine and sample bottles
manufacture of home appliances used to produce carpets, toys, and accessories inside the home appliances

 Usage of PP Injection Grade

 Technical data sheet & chemical Formula

PP Injection Grade has unique chemical and physical properties. In addition to all these features, the affordable and low price of this product has made many manufacturers go for this product instead of other options. In addition to the reasonable price, this product is lightweight and has high flexibility.  For injection molding, flexibility is very important because this factor is the most important factor that can greatly increase the quality of the final manufactured product.  This product is known as an electrical insulator and has a very high resistance to freezing. In addition, chemical and weather factors cannot easily affect the quality of Polypropylene Injection Grade. Compared to other plastics, this product has a lower density and its low weight is precise because of this. Polypropylene Injection Grade is known with the chemical formula (C3H6)n  , and has a relatively low density.

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Chemical formula (C3H6)
Form Solid Granules
Color Translucent to White
Odor Odorless
Flash point > 300o C
Autoignition temperature > 400°C

How is packing of PP Injection Grade?

PP Injection Grade is a unique and practical product. For easier use and packaging of this product, manufacturers usually produce Polypropylene Injection Grade in granular form. The granular type of this product is sold in 25 kg packages. But you can also get this product in bulk packages.  According to the field of use, you should go for packages that are prepared according to your needs. Injection Grade packages are usually made of plastic so that moisture and weather factors cannot penetrate the package.

How is packing of PP Injection Grade?

How is packing of PP Injection Grade?

 Safety & warning & transportation

Injection Grade is not such a sensitive and dangerous product. For this reason, there is no need to pay attention to many security points for its maintenance and use. Of course, to store the quality of this product, it is better that you consider the right storage place. The storage location of this product should be far away from pollution and fire-causing factors to prevent damage to the purchased product. It is also recommended to use different types of safety covers to work with this product.

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